Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling Well & Ready to Travel

I had a hard time sleeping through the night because I slept so much yesterday. When I got up this morning I felt like I was back to my normal self again. Joia and I have been packing today and getting ready to fly early tomorrow morning. We have to be at the airport by 5am or before. I fly Delta and she and Keenan fly Northwest. We are going to see if one of us can switch and fly with the other. Once we arrive in Detroit we have a 7 hour drive up to the cottage in Minden Ontario. Hope all goes well with our travels.

This might be my last post until August 1.


Anonymous said...

Are you still alive? We would LOVE to read about your interesting life... We don't think you want to lose your loyal readership, do you? JK.
See you (hopefully soon)
Mark and Rebekah

Judy said...

I wondered how long Rebekah would hold off before getting on your case Andrew = ) Were you waiting to see??? It does seem like a long time... OX Mom