Friday, July 18, 2008

I am in Florida

I arrived here at my sister and brother in laws place yesterday around noon. I left home Wednesday evening at 8pm and took Robert Q shuttle to the airport in Detroit. I was able to get about two hours of sleep on the ride down and then I got to the airport at 1am and my flight didn't leave till 6am so I stretched out on the floor and try to sleep. With all the airport noises it is a difficult thing but I think I got an hour or two of sleep. The flight from Detroit to Atlanta went well and was on time. Now leaving from Atlanta was another story. We all were on the plane in time of an on time departure but then the pilot come on and said that they were having some technical difficulties and he didn't know how long is was going to take to fix, but he thought it would maybe be twenty minutes. A few minutes later he came on and said it would be about an hour so they said that we could all get off the play. When I passed the cockpit while getting off the technician had what seemed like every panel down from off the ceiling of the cockpit and there were wires everywhere. An hour later when we got on the plane he seemed to have it all back together and I guess it was all working right. This was three for three then, I have only flown out of Atlanta three times and I have been delayed every time.

While flying from Atlanta to Fort Walton Beach I was seated next to a lady and I got talking with here about different things. I had mentioned that I do so missions trip and so she asked "What is a missions trip." I briefly told here about what one would be like and that our main purpose in going is to share the gospel and I explained a little of what that meant. Then I asked here if she had any spiritual beliefs and she said she did and said that she was an atheist. We had a good talk for the whole hour of the flight. It is interesting talking to someone who has this kind of belief. I just pray that something that was said might speak to her in some way.

Here are a few pictures of Keenan in the pool yesterday afternoon. Joia has more pics on her blog if you want to see them the link is on the rights of mine here just down a little ways.

This was the first time they had the cover on the pool and Keenan didn't like it much so it didn't last for long.


Judy said...

Looks like you are having a good time Andrew, baby managing sure is different than chimney building eh? Nice change???

Andrew said...

Yes I am having a great time. Yes it is a change being a manny, but it is good.