Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland

This past week I haven't worked to hard. Monday was just half a day. Tuesday my boss and I spent all day at his house putting a couple extra floor joists in the floor of his house. There was a load bearing wall that wasn't supported properly. Wednesday and Thursday we took the old vinyl flooring out of his kitchen and put in new oak hardwood flooring. We had to take out all the cupboards that we on the floor so that we could lay the flooring underneath them all. It was a big job but got it all down in two days. I went then for a couple hours Friday morning and put the trim back on and a few other little things. It's wasn't a full work week but thankfully I was able to get some other things done as well.

It has been very cold since I got home, but I have been enjoying just how nice the snow covered trees and fields look.

A Sunrise Monday morning on my way to work.

Friday evening Mark & Rebekah and Rob & Ada came over to celebrate a belated birthday for Dad. We had a good evening together and we watched Prince Caspian the second movie of the Narnia series.
Happy 56th Dad

I have been looking forward to getting to go skiing again ever since I went for my first time last year. Yesterday we got a group of eight together, we left at 7am and drove up to Collingwood. About 3 hours north of where I live. It is about the best place to go skiing in Ontario but the hills are not very big in comparison to the Rockies or something like that. We still had a great time though.

John Clifford getting is boarding boots on.

Matthew and Albert ready to hit the slopes.

John Winkels and myself all dressed up hoping we won't freeze.

Here we are on top of the hill and it is a mild -20 C.
Matthew, Albert, John, Me, John, Annette, Benj

After a few hours of skiing we needed to get warmed up and refueled.
John, Matthew, Ben, Albert, Me Annette, Benj and John

Matthew, John and I chillin in the snow bank.
On the way home the weather wasn't the best. There was blowing snow and quite a bit of snow on the roads, but we made it home safely and we are thankful that none of us hurt ourselves skiing.

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Joia said...

Thanks for the skiing post! Looks like you had a lot of fun! (I still have never been...)