Friday, January 2, 2009

Trip to Veracruz

Ok I will try to fill you in on our week in Veracruz. It seems like a long time ago already. We got to the hotel Sunday night which was the 21st. we got in relatively early in comparison to some people who got in at about 3am from the states. Monday morning we got to sleep in because so many people came in so late the night before. Every morning we have devotions together with everyone which would have been about 190 people including parents and some children. There were about 150 people who were helping with the seed sower distribution. We had to do a lot of stuffing the texts into bags. Everyday some people had to stay back and continue bagging. We were divided into groups of about eight people and given a section of the map of Veracruz and we would go and deliver texts to every single house in that area.

We used the conference room in the hotel for devotions and bagging and sometimes eating.

In all those white boxes there are 150,000 texts.

The ladies did an amazing job of keeping us all feed up.

This is the building that they have in Veracruz that they are having Gospel meetings in.

This is inside the building mentioned above

They had a fleet of fifteen vehicles most of which were full size vans for moving us all around to deliver and go for meals.

One night a group of about 30 of us went to Dominos pizza for supper. It tastes the same here.

Pizza Hut makes crust less pizza and Dominos makes pizza less crust.

Here we sat for our as we bagged texts.

On Christmas Day John and Rebekah Nesbit(they are the missionaries that are working there in Veracruz) provided supper for us. Here we are feeling a little hungry as we wait for our turn to go and get food.

For dessert we had these meringue things that were really hard. I am trying to cut it with my knife. Well maybe they weren't that hard but it was really hard to brake it with a plastic fork.

On Friday night we decided it was time to find a really steak, which are quite hard to find down here. John Nesbit told us of a nice resturant. They give you a menu but to help you see just what you are getting they have a rolling cart with all the different cuts of meat in it and they bring it to your table and show it to you. It was kind of different but a not bad idea.

Here is my meal very tender meat, they did a great job on all of our steaks, if we had been in Veracruz longer we probably would have found ourselves there again.

Already to eat as soon as we get some food.

Andrew, Natalia, Nelly, James, Me, Levi, Albert and Simon. I am sorry I forgot to mention that Albert is Nelly's brother he flew into Veracruz on Wednesday from Ontario. He and I will be flying back on the 8th.

We left early Saturday morning the 27th from Veracruz and we got back to Santiago at about 10:30pm. Since then we have been working on a few projects. We didn't stay up to bring in the new year we decided that sleep was more important. On New Years day Albert and I went out for a ride on the motorbikes for a few hours. Then we all went to the beach in the afternoon. I must say this is another first for me I have never gone swimming on New Years day much less at the beach. It was nice though I could maybe get usto it with a little more practice.

Our last site at the beach.

Sorry that this post was so long in coming. I will try to keep this updated a little better.

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