Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just the Boys

Well our day with the little boys didn't go bad at all. We had a good time. First thing in the morning I had to feed the little girl that was here with us boys, the goat. Nelly usually gives here a bottle four times a day and she wanted to eat while Nelly was gone, so I try to make sure she didn't starve.
Simon is supervising making sure Uncle Andrew is doing it right.

Albert and I were quite busy most of the day installing the bathroom vanity cupboards. We put all the doors and drawers on and the tile counter top. Doesn't sound like much work for one day but it was. About supper time I took the boys to the Hamburger stand for supper. Albert had a headache so he stayed at home. When we got back from having our burgers I made a wooden stool for Simon to sit on. He needed to move out of his high chair because Natalia is getting big enough that she needs one now. After that I was sitting in the living room downing somethings on my computer and the boys were watching a little Tom & Jerry on you tube. Andrew got bord of Tom & Jerry and came and sat on me. He was sitting there for a while then I started to feel something quite wet on my legs. I asked Andrew if he had a dirty diaper and he said "Yes you need to change me." I was like well why didn't you just tell me. His shorts were all soaked, so after I got him all cleaned up then I had to get myself cleaned up. It's all good, I guess this is part of the job I volunteered for. James and Nelly got back at about 10pm from Guadalajara.

During the night Levi came and knocked at my door at about 2:30am. Andrew was crying I went into see what was wrong. He wanted some water and his cup was empty. i went got him some water and then he was happy. I went back to bed five minutes later Levi is at my door again, this time he wants water. I took him down and got him a drink. I went back to bed 15 minutes later Levi is at my door. He wants another drink downstairs we go again and get him a drink. We return to bed, about an hour passes and Andrew starts to cry I go in and he is crying because he wants to sleep with Levi in his bed, Levi said he could so I put him in with Levi and I went back to bed and I wasn't woken anymore. It was fine I really didn't mind.

Today Albert and I made the little cedar edge around the counter top and the back splash. James sprayed the varnish on it all and we sanded and varnished a cradle that he made a few years ago but never got the varnish on. The bathroom vanity is officially done now.

Here we have the back splash clamped on while it is being glued to the wall.

Tomorrow morning we will be driving to Puerto Vallarta and spending the day there and then Thursday morning Albert and I will fly home. My time here in Mexico is almost over it has gone by so fast again. I am so thankful for James and Nelly inviting me down here and hope that they just might let me come back sometime. James told me today that I don't have to leave I can stay longer if I want. I really do need to get home because God is opening up another opportunity for me to got to Mozambique. I thought that I might go in March but it seems now that i will probably be leaving the beginning of February, so that means i will be home for about three weeks again before I leave. I am not sure how long I am going for and I would appreciate prayer for this that I would know the Lord's will in this and that I would know how long I should go for because I need to book my tickets soon. I will probably blog next from freezing cold Ontario, hope I don't freeze.


The Woodford's said...

Very nice bathroom vanity, Andrew! Wow, quite a change from before - great job! =) Hope you have a safe trip back to Canada. We will continute to pray for you as you prepare to head off to Mozambique. Just don't forget there are others to visit here in Mexico, okay?! =)

Mom said...

Looks like you are quite the babysitter/nanny Andrew. Weren't you making the stool for Andrew rather than Simon?? Guess you'll beat me home... see you next Tuesday. I am Keenan sitting while Joia is at MOPS. He is supposed to be napping but I think he is playing in the crib. See you soon. Love, Mom

Andrew said...

Mom I meant to say Simon he is getting older and doesn't need to sit in a high chair anymore but he is not quite big enough for a regular chair. Andrew is still a little fellow and he gets to keep his high chair for a while.

Mom said...