Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back in Canada for a Little While

Wednesday morning we drove to Puerto Vallarta. We went down town and walked through the market and along the water front. We drove over on Wednesday so we wouldn't have to leave crazy early from Santiago on Thursday morning to make it to the airport. The Alves a missionary family in PV said that we could stay at their house. They we all gone except for there one son. They have a nice home and we were very blessed to be able to stay there.

Looking at part of PV across the bay.

Natalia looking cute, she can't help it.

Andrew chillin on the wall.

After spending sometime down town and on the water we took a trip over to Costco. We had a little shopping to do.

We put the boys in the cart and Simon said that he didn't want to sit in the big part by himself so I said I would sit in there with him. Just for the picture.

Natalia seemed to have endless energy and she just love pushing this cart. She pushed it well over 2,000 ft all around the store. She got herself very dirty in the meantime.

She is pushing it all by herself, but getting quite tired by this time.

Keeping an eye on the stuff.

I just loved this bug and I think I might have coveted it just a little.
Thursday morning James took Albert and I to the airport for our 8 o'clock flight. We had a good flight to Phoenix. We looked for the most gourmet place to eat and decided on Burger King for lunch. Albert's flight to Detroit left at about 12:45 and then I caught my flight to Toronto at about 1. Albert got to Detroit at 6:30pm and I got in just after 7. My boss once again was very kind and came and picked me up at the airport. I was home by 9:30 and Albert was in by about 10:30.

Friday I slept in till 9 I can't remember the last time I did that but it is nice once and a while. Then I went into town and mailed a few things and I went to a travel agent to see about some ticket prices to fly to Mozambique but their prices were about $700.00 more then I was finding online. I guess they have to make their cut. I came how and figured I had better book my tickets before it gets any later, because it is only three weeks away. I had been looking to book tickets out of Toronto but in the last week prices jumped so I ended up booking them out of Buffalo, NY. Lord willing I will leave Feb 2 and return May 29th, unless I need to stay longer.

I didn't have to work but in the afternoon my boss just wanted me to come into Woodstock to look at a job we want to start on Monday. Then I went and got an International Drivers Licence which I need for Mozambique. On my way home I stopped in at our neighbours the Wester's and had a 2 hour visit with them. I slipped away from there just in time to pick up Dad and drive over to Rob and Ada's (my brother and sister in law) place for supper. Mark and Rebekah were there as well. We had a some delicious pizza for supper and some ice cream cake for desert. After supper we spent a few ours playing Apples to Apples. A fun gave that is kind of hard to describe. Dad and I got home around mid night. I went on line and booked some more tickets to fly down to Joia and Philips place in Fort Walton Beach, FL on the weekend of the 24th. I want to see little Moriah before I leave, they are planning to come up here in March but Lord willing I will be gone then. I figured she would be all grown up by the time I get back from Moz. Just so you know, I don't just have lots of money to be flying places for a weekend here and there. I have done a lot of flying so I have some banked air miles, so I was able to use my air miles to cover this flight.

Today I went and transferred the ownership over on the car that my Brother Mark and his wife Rebekah gave us. Thanks so much Mark & Rebekah. Then I spent the rest of the morning cleaning the company vehicle that I am blessed to be able to use. My boss doesn't usually use it while I am gone but the tires were bad on his truck so he had been using it quite a bit. He doesn't like to take time to clean vehicles so I had quite a bit of cleaning to do. The truck is only 2 years old and I want to try to keep it looking new as long as possible, I have to remember though that it is for work and it won't stay looking new forever.

I need to go and unpack my bags which I haven't done yet. Maybe I should just leave them packed, but then again maybe not.


The Woodford's said...

Thanks for the update, Andrew! Glad you got home safely. We almost called last night at 11pm, but weren't sure if you'd be in bed yet - apparently not! =) We'll continue to pray for you!

Mom said...

The car is from Mark and Rebekah I believe and we SURE do appreciate having it. Did Dad warm your room up at all before you got home Andrew??? OXOXO