Saturday, January 24, 2009

Warm Greetings from Florida

Well work hasn't been very busy this week. I put in a full day Wednesday and then just a few hours on Thursday. It was OK though because I still have many things to get done before I leave. Thursday afternoon I went to London and did some shopping. Mark and Rebekah invited me out to supper with them at Swiss Chalet, because they were taking Elias, a friend of theirs out for supper as well. Mark and Rebekah also blessed me with a new camera. My other camera was just so big for traveling with and I really feel like tourist with a big camera hanging around my neck. They bought me a nice compact canon.

Power Shot SD770 IS

The first picture I took with my new camera was of them.
Mark & Rebekah

Later on that evening I went home packed, sent a few emails and then got five hours of sleep before I got up at 4am. Mom drove me to the airport in Toronto and we were there by 6.

I think this is the lightest I have ever flown before. I didn't check any bags. Well yes I am only gone for two day and a lot of the stuff I had was for Philip, Joia, Keenan and Moriah.

My flights all went well. It was neat some friends of ours from Norwich were on the same flight as I was from Toronto to Atlanta. They were on their way to Costa Rica. We were about 40 minutes late leaving Toronto but I still had plenty of time to make my connection in Atlanta. I arrived in Fort Walton Beach at 11:30am. Joia picked me up and we went to Sonic for lunch and then went and did a little shopping.

When we got back to the house I played with Keenan building with his blocks for a while and then held Moriah some, before I took a nap. When I got up Philip was home and Joia had a delicious smalling spare rib supper in the oven. It taste just as good or better then it smelled.


Here we have the house/ garage/ castle that Keenan and I built.

Keenan thought my shoes were his size.

With here little belly full she had no reason to stay awake.
Moriah and I

This morning I have been reading the manual for my camera and trying to figure out all the features on it. I think I am getting there. Thankfully it works very similarly to my other camera.

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