Friday, June 13, 2008

Bucking Bobcat

Has it really been ten days since I last blogged well I guess it has, right Rebekah? She called up tonight and while she was talking she mentioned that I needed to get something new on here. So how am I doing so far, I have something on here now. You must feel like you are totally filled in on what is going on in my life by now.

Ok maybe I should actually tell you something. Last Friday my Uncle John and Aunt Heather and their three kids came over for supper. We had a good time together. We had some of Mom's world famous burgers and sausages. (She didn't make the sausages, but they were still good.) I showed them my pic's from Mozambique while they were here as well.

Saturday there was a Bible Conference in Burgessville just a few minutes from where I live. I went to it and was challenged by many of the things that were said. I also got to see James and Nelly and their four kids Levi, Simon, Andrew and Natalia. They are the missionaries from Mexico that I go down to visit. They are back here in Canada for two months. It was so good to see them. Simon's new eye looks great, he is wearing glasses as well because the site in his other eye is not the best.

Sunday afternoon I got to see some pictures from a friends trip to Zambia back in January. We don't get together very often, but it was good to hear how his trip went and the changes it has made in his life.

I have been very encouraged this week. There is a group of young people that I have been spending sometime with for the last several months. I know it has been a desire for many of us to be able to come to the place where we can share openly with each other about spiritual things and what God is teaching us. We are all Christians, but it is so much easier to just talk about the week and work and the weather and never really mention the Lord. This past week we have been together a few times and God is really doing a work in us. Some people have been sharing about the different bad habits that God is giving them victory over and others are sharing what they have been enjoying from their time with the Lord. It has been very up lifting for all of us. I am excited to see how we are going to grow as we share together.

I used a Bobcat for I think my first time today. We had to brake up a concrete chute that someone had on their house for getting fire wood into their basement. They now use natural gas and no longer need it. Plus it is a Heritage House from I think 1890 and they want to restore it to it's original look. The concrete was about twenty years old, not quite as old as the house.

We had a jack hammer on the Bobcat to remove the chute.

There's the cowboy, trying to stay on that bucking Bobcat. It did jump around pretty good at times.
The hat is compliments of my second last trip to Mexico. I know the glasses do not go well with the hat, but gotta wear the safety glasses.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I feel much better now!
Love Rebekah (and her wonderful husband Mark who's cleaning the house so we can have a birtday party here! Come on over!)

Joia said...

I'm coming to the party Rebekah! Wait, you posted that a couple days ago, guess I missed it. Bummer!

Andrew, I love your hat, and I have to say, those safety glasses are actually pretty cool looking - definitely the least "dorky" ones I've ever seen! =)