Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well what has happened since I last posted. I am not sure I can remember that long ago but I will try. Rebekah has been very nice to let me use her old cell phone, but recently I have been thinking I should get another one. I wanted to get one that was unlocked so that I can use it with other carriers when I am overseas. Just after I bought one on ebay the ringer quit working on the one I was using. Needless to say I missed a lot of calls. I bought a Motorola Razr 3V. It is used but seems to be working well for me. I also bought an external hard drive. When I bought my laptop it had an 80G hard drive I thought that would be tons and I would never use all that space well I was wrong. I have thousands of pictures and lots of music and some video edited files I have done. Once I was down to my last 4G I figured I should look into getting an external hard drive. I looked at a lot of different ones but finally decided on a 250 GB Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive.
There is a lot of space in a that little thing.
No the key didn't come with it.

Now I think I have tons of storage space for my files, but as computer evolve files seem to keep getting bigger. Who knows how long this will do me for.

This past Saturday there was a group of 11 of us from this area that went on a bus tour over to Freedom Village in Lakemont, NY. For thirty years Freedom Village has been helping troubled teens. We were going down to their graduation ceremony and to get a tour around their 800 acre property. Pretty well all of these teens get their lives messed up before they finish high school if they even got that far, so they test them and see where they are at and then have them finish their school. There were about 15 of them graduating from High school. They had the graduation at a local school. Then we went to Freedom Village for lunch and a tour around.

During the graduation ceremony.

One of the graduating students.

This is one of the choirs that they have and they sang one song during the ceremony.

Yes we were in the land of the star spangled banner.

This is a view from the back of their property.

Last night I went to Mark and Rebekah's and finished cutting the last few pieces of stone for top of the retaining wall. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so I don't have any pictures. It doesn't look to much different though then what the other pictures showed.

We just finished our record size chimney. We have worked on bigger chimneys but normally we just rebuild the top up from the roof line. We rebuilt this one right back up from the foundation and it was around 1,100 bricks. It took us three and a half days start to finish.

This field was right next to where we were working on the chimney. There is just something about wheat fields that looks really good to me.

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Anonymous said...

Neat pictures. I've heard a lot about Freedom Village, but haven't seen any pictures, so thanks.
Have a good weekend!
PS- Aren't you going to feel a little lonely not coming here to work? I think you'll miss us:)