Monday, November 26, 2012

On to Florida and August

Alright... going to try and actually get up-to-date eventually, so from by brother's wedding in Chattanooga, we headed south to visit Andrew's sister Joia and her family.
Crossing into Florida... always brings back memories of so many trips to/from the Carolina's as a kid!
We had a fun, relaxing visit with Joia, Philip, Keenan, Moriah, and Caleb.  Of course Andrew and I made a trip or two out to the gorgeous beach... so love expanses of water and bridges! Pretty much always get at least one picture that looks like this:
LOVE bridges. LOVE water. LOVE Florida!
We spent a good portion of a day out on Philip and Joia's new jet ski!  SO much fun.  We had a blast driving the SeaDoo, pulling and riding the tube, and just hanging out with Joia and the kids.  Driving is certainly my favorite part... perhaps I should not have that much speed and water at my disposal on a regular basis!  It's a fabulous challenge though to manage to throw Andrew off the tube =)  He didn't have to work quite so hard to throw me off... I didn't get too many pictures, so most of these are courtesy of Joia's camera and photography skills.

Both of us getting some fun driving time...

Hangin' on!
Looking for ??? crabs???

We had all sorts of other fun while we were in Florida... I just don't have pictures to show for it!  We headed home at the end of the week and my work cranked up for the fall that Monday with the start of football preseason.

As for other events of August....
- As Andrew mentioned and posted picture evidence of, we officially established our business!  A.B.W. Construction, LLC
- And we moved into a different/bigger apartment within the same complex... thanks to the awesome work of some of my siblings and their spouses who could come help, it was a Very smooth and quick move!

Only other pics from August are some goofy ones with some of my nieces and nephews =)


Florida villas said...

Absolutely I love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful time with us.

Mom W. said...

Thanks for the update Bethany, looking forward to more... =)