Friday, January 4, 2013

Fall Catch-Up

On the September 14th, our church had a dinner and wedding shower for my brother and his then-fiancee, Brittany...

Later in the month we drove about an hour to the mountains to pick apples!  It was a gorgeous day, and we even ran into my sister, Laurel, at the apple orchard with a group of youth from their church!  SkyTop Apple Orchard is rather well-known and was Insanely busy... but we still found plenty of apples =)

I didn't exactly go prepared to climb apple trees, but who could resist the opportunity?!?  So much fun...

My handsome man who delivered the apples I picked safely to the basket on the ground.  

Beautiful view across the mountains from the top of an apple tree!

October arrived ever so quickly and with it came the final wedding for my family of 2012.  October 5th, we headed to Monroe, NC for David & Brittany's wedding the following day.  It was nice to be completely available to help however needed with preparations!  I rode up with my sister Laurel and her husband to help Brittany's family and friends with setting up for the reception.  Then we headed to the rehearsal dinner location to help my parents set up for that!  

Pretty table decorations by Laurel!


Beautiful wedding the following day! 

It needed to be done and, well, no one else was doing it, so.... Laurel and I looked around, found what was on hand, and had some get-away-car fun =)

 The same green truck we used to leave our wedding... except the starter went out a few days before their wedding.  So they got a pushing start from the groomsmen! 

The following weekend we went for a Sunday afternoon hike at Ceasar's Head State Park.
My handsome man on the bridge
Checking out the waterfall underneath the bridge...

Love this pic!
Another waterfall
So serene and beautiful!
As we were nearing the trail head, some vines were hanging rather low across the road.  Andrew decided to have a little fun...
One of the many uses of a Leatherman...
Hanging around in the trees =)
And the fun that ensued!

Near the end of October, all of my siblings and spouses got together to carve pumpkins! 

Our first pumpkin!
We concluded October at a fall festival in Greenwood, SC!  We took my nieces and nephews to my sister's where her church's fall festival was held this year.
My sister, Laurel, with Kara, Sadie, & Marshall
Kara on the hay ride.
Marshall and Uncle Andrew by the fire with s'mores fixings!
Not a whole lot to write or post pictures about from the end of October until late November.  We had several home projects in the works that I will post about soon.  Then it was on to Thanksgiving and Christmas... 


Bruce Woodford said...

Bethany did you realize you'd married Tarzan?

Great to see all your pics! Lots of love, Dad W

Mom W. said...

Enjoyed the vine swinging, very funny, glad the branch didn't come down when he was on it!!

Thanks for the picture update,it was fun to see them and we are looking forward to the next installment!! =)

Anonymous said... the vine-swinging video..
I seem to recall a very similar incident enacted by the first commentor above (!!) a few years ago - over water no less, in Dominica! The propensity for such activity seems to run in the family! Maybe there is evidence for Evolutionary Theory after all!!
Aunt Nora

Joia said...

The vine video was HILARIOUS!!