Saturday, November 24, 2012

A.B.W. Construction

As of August first we started our own business A.B.W. Construction.  I have been asked multiply times to put some pictures up on here of some of the work i have been doing so here is a house that I have been working on for the last two months and it is almost done.  

What the house looked like when I first arrived in late September.

The floors and ceilings were in very poor shape.  I put down new plywood over all the floors and took down all the drywall ceilings and put up new ones.

The very small bathroom in need of some help.

This is what the out side of the house looked like when we took the old vinyl siding off.  There wasn't any insulations in the walls so where you see the little white circles that is where we had insulation injected into the walls.

All the new siding on.

Deck finished and stained.

The living room with the new vinyl flooring.

This flooring is in 3'/6" pieces and it is glued down and it is a very durable floor used in a lot of grocery stores and WalMarts.

This picture looks into the corner where the fire place used to be as you saw in the second picture in this post.

And this is of course looking at the same bathroom as the third picture in this post but with a couple of changes and a missing window.

This is our company van.

I will post more pictures of the finished product in a week or so.


The Woodfords said...

Thanks for posting the pictures - the house looks great!!
Does ABW Construction come to Mexico once the green card comes in? I can think of a house that needs some help... ;)
So nice to hear from you!
Love, Steph

Mom W. said...

Good job as usual Andrew!! LOve the tub surround!!

Mom W. said...

The van looks great!!

Joia said...

Andrew, this is AMAZING!!! Philip and I just sat down and looked through all the pictures. Gorgeous work. The floors are beautiful and I am especially impressed with how you made the fireplace and shelves disappear, and how dramatic the overhaul of the bathroom was! Totally awesome! =)