Thursday, September 3, 2009

Long Over Due

Well this post should have come a long time ago but here goes. I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story here in this post. My oldest brother Tim and his wife Steph and there kids came up from Mexico just over two weeks ago. We got together at Mark & Rebekah's place and the next few pictures are from when we were there and we went to the park up the street.

Tim, Kyla and Shealyn enjoying the nice soft green grass that they don't get in Mexico.

There was an Acorn Tree at the park and I thought these looked nice.

Kyla climbing.

Just chillin.

A week ago last Saturday Dad, Mom, Rob, Ada, and I drove about 9 hours north of where we live to a cottage for the week. Mark, Rebekah, Tim, Steph and the girls joined us on Monday. We had an excellent week together and this is where almost all of the rest of the pictures are from.

Nicky wasn't to sure that she wanted to go in the boat the first time Dad took her out but she soon began to enjoy it and made it up to Dad with a few kisses.

Dad, Rob, Ada and Nicky

Keeping an eye out on the port side.

One of the many nice sunsets over the lake.

This waterfall was 6km down the other end of the lake from where our cottage was. We made the trip done there a couple of times.

A log jamb on a different lake.

Nicky was enjoying climbing all through the logs.

Best friends.

Doesn't get much better then that.

Dad, Mark, Mika and Shealyn

A little down time.

Tim was giving a report on the work in Mexico in Engelhart on Thursday night and that is where this was taken.
Me, Dad, Mom, Kyla, Tim, Mika, Steph, Vivian, Shealyn, Rob, Ada, Mark and Rebekah.

We had Christmas at the cottage again this years since we won't all be together in December.

Christmas morning I made Cinnamon Rolls.

Here Mark is making us all some home made Ice Cream.

I am not sure what these are but they were little miniature bushes ground in the forest.

Tim good thing Mika was holding your hand are you might have fallen.

I know, kind of random but a picture of the forest floor.

The water temperature wasn't too bad considering the weather was quite cool most of the time we were there.

Dad and I enjoyed playing together a few times. If you don't know Dad is playing the saw.

We all got glow sticks in our stockings for Christmas so we had a little fun with them.

None of the rest of these pictures have been edited this is what the camera capture, believe it or not, it is true.

How many Mika's are there???

I was beside myself.

These two guys wanted there picture taken with me so for a small fee I accomidated them.

Now you see him ......... and you still see him!!

Early morning fog over the lake.

The girls enjoying their lollipopes which also came in the stockings

Us bros.

Baby Vivian.

The ducks seemed quite friendly and would come very close to shore until Nicky decide to go and chase them but she couldn't swim as fast a they could so they would always get away.

Hooked on Coke.

The girls pyrimid, I think there was a better picture of this but I don't have one.

The guys pyrimid plus Mika.

On the way back from the cottage Rob, Ada and I stopped in to see Grandpa and Grandma. Grandpa took us out to Swiss Chalet for supper.

I have been working on redoing this room in our house I started it before we went to the cottage and I finished it when we got back. The window needed to be replaced so we decided to do a little more work while we were at it and replace some of the drywall on the walls and put new drywall on the ceiling.

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the finished room before I left home I will have to get when when I get back.

Well this just about brings you up to date. I have a few videos I will maybe post but I can't right now because the internet is to slow here in the airport in Mexico City. I just flew in here this afternoon and I am on my way over to Puerto Vallart and then up to Santiago to spend two weeks with James and Nelly and the kids. I think I should be arriving in Santiago around 10pm Central time.

Well my battery is almost dead and I should go through security so I am going to post this and I will update you again soon.

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Joia said...

Love these pictures! So cool to see everyone together at the cottage, and the pictures of the water and trees are breathtaking!