Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Official Folks

Well I booked my tickets to return to Mozambique. Lord willing I leave Canada October 27th and I arrive in Mozambique on the 29th. I will be going to the city of Beira for the first month and a half to study Portuguese which is the official language there. I have been looking forward to this for quite some time now. The count down is on with a little less then one month to go till take off.

I never really filled you in on my time in Wisconsin so here are some pictures of my few days there. I spent from Friday afternoon till Saturday noon with John Boies aka John Boy. I got to know John Boy and his family back in 2003 when I had the privilege of staying with them for a week when I was on a mission trip. It had been over four years since I had seen his family so it was great to spend a few days with them in Wisconsin.

John Boy is going to University so I stayed with him in his dorm Friday. I got to be at his basket ball practice and after practice we went Disc Golfing with a friend of his before catching supper at Pizza Hut.

John Boy with his hot wheels on the court.

As he applies the brakes.

The players have amazing stamina to play for five hours a day.

And he shoots

This is John Boy's friend Tim.

Saturday John Boy took me to his parents place and they took me to this cool place called House on the Rock built by Alex Jordan. He built in in the 1950's, he wanted a place that he could retreat to so that he could draw because he was an artist. When he was a young boy he saw this rock cliff and would often go and have lunch on it. When he got older he was able to buy the land and started to build his house up there. As he built people we so intrigued to see someone building so high on a rock cliff that people flocking in to just watch. He thought if people want to see what i am doing here so badly i am going to charge an admission fee of $.50 which people gladly paid. This money helped him to fund the work. He finished the house in the early 60's and people we still coming to see it he thought if people like it this much then i am going to just open it up for tourists. That is what he did he only lived in the house for four nights and it is still being viewed to this day.

The ceilings are very low which puzzled us because Alex himself was over six feet tall.

The rooms just follow the rocks and so they are different shapes and at different levels.

All of these instruments were played mechanically.

This is the infinite room. It extends out into mid air at least fifty feet above the ground.
The view out the windows.

More unique shaped rooms

They had the area done up very nice outside.

This is Dave and Crystal Boie, John's parents.

Crystal and I they are kind of like parents to me at least they treat me as if i was their son.

In amongst the flowers

The three of us before we left.

Saturday night Dave and I went out deer watching. Dave saw one deer from the stand where he was but all I saw was three raccoons. I almost fell a sleep while I was sitting there for an hour.

That about sums it up for now.


Marc & Andrea Pavkov said...

How awesome that the Lord has called you to join with the His work here in Mozambique. If you are ever in Chimoio area our door is always open. Blessings!

Joia said...

That house is awesome!

Hmmm.... as for the deer watching - maybe the camera flash scared them all away? =)