Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today Mexico celebrates 189 years since it's independence from Spain. On August 13, 1521 Spain took control of this country from the Aztec Indians. They ruled till 1810 when finally the Mexican people thought it was finally time for them to rule their own country. They fought with the Spaniards for ten years when on September 16, 1820 they were finally an independent nation.

On that day all the Mexican Soldiers shouted VIVA MEXICO! Every years since at 11pm on the 15th of September people will gather in city squares all across this country and shout VIVA MEXICO, which means more or less Long Live Mexico. It almost looks like Christmas time around here because there is so much red, white and green around.

When Andrew first saw me when I arrived in Puerto Vallarta the week before last, the first thing he asked me was can you build me a stool. I didn't know what he was talking about at first. Then I remembered that last time I was here Simon had out grown his high chair but wasn't big enough to sit on a regular chair yet so I made him a little wooden boxes to use as a booster seat. Andrew has gotten too big for his high chair and wanted a stool as well. Saturday afternoon the boys and I went out in the garage and got out the tools and made Andrew a little wooden box. When we were all done Andrew said to me, "Uncle Andrew you are going to have to come back and make Natalia a stool when she out grows here high chair." I guess that is part of my job detail here now, but I think Levi might be big enough by then so Natalia can use his.

All of us boys hard at work. Andrew is the one with the glasses hanging around his neck.

Daddy's little girl
On Sunday night the neighbours from across the road came over for tacos. James BBQed some amazing meat.

The boys enjoyed getting rides around the back yards on this piece of cardboard.
The neighbour lady made fresh tortillas. Nothing like tacos with fresh tortillas.
Monday evening we all went down town to the square so that the boys could have lots of room to ride their bikes.

On the way Natalia came up with a bright idea that she would like to drive.

Is this how it is done mom?

Why do they put these steering wheels so high how's a girl like me supposed to see?

Natalia is blessed with nice brothers who give here rides on their bikes since she doesn't have her own.

Andrew is even able to take her with him.

Levi was enjoying showing me how fast he can go and all the cool tricks he can do.
What are brothers for?

What better way to finish a nice evening then to enjoy some tacos together.
These have got to be the best tacos ever.

Yesterday afternoon James, Louise and I did some repair and painting on the walls in the hall.

James painting.
Louise and James patching holes in the wall.

Last night we went to Tepic to do a little shopping. We went into Wal Mart and as we passed the produce section I thought it was funny that someone had done a little taste testing with the apples.

Levi, Simon, Andrew, Natalia in the cart with James and Nelly in the back ground.

We finished our evening out in Tepic by getting a few tacos. These were excellent although I got sick after eating them. I have eaten here plenty of times before and never had any problem. I will probably eat them again if I ever get the chance.
Just so you know tacos are not the only thing we eat around here, I thought from the pictures I have posted you might be thinking that.

It is hard to believe that I am leaving tomorrow already. My time here has been very nice it has been a little slower pace then normal which is nice for a change. I have had lots of good times with the whole family. I hope they might all come and visit me in Mozambique some time Hint Hint.

Tomorrow morning James will drive me down to Puerto Vallarta to catch my 12 noon flight. Lord willing I will fly to Detroit and over night in the airport and Friday morning catch a flight to Madison Wisconsin. I have some friends in Wisconsin who have been wanting me to come visit them for a while so I am finally working it in. I will be with them for three days and then return back to Canada on Sept 21.

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