Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am sorry I am not doing well lately at keeping this up to date. Better late then never I guess. On Monday July 27th I drove back from DC with my sister Joia and here two children Keenan and Moriah. It was a ten hour trip but all things considered it went well.

Tuesday evening Rob & Ada and Mark & Rebekah came to our place and we celebrated Rebekah's Birthday.

All of us around the table enjoying a wonderful meal.

Mark and Rebekah

Friday of last week we drove over to Port Huron for a bit of a family reunion with some of our relatives on Mom's side of the family.

We were waiting in the parking lot for everyone to show up and Moriah was just sitting there looking cute.

Don't ask!!

This is all of us after we were finished eating at the Golden Corral.

After we had eaten all we could at the Corral, we went to a near by park. Part of the reason for us getting together was to celebrate my cousin's birthday and saying good bye to her because she is going back to Congo where she is a missionary.

Keenan loved the swing and I pushed him for a long time on there. Even after falling off he still wanted to keep swinging.

He loved it when I would catch him while he was swinging.
Best buds.

A nice flower in the park.

Renee is getting old.

The day after we were in Port Huron my Aunt and Uncle on my Dad's side of the family had us all out to their cottage. While Joia was home we had a lot of family get togethers because many people hadn't seen here in several months.

While driving to the cottage I just had to take a few pictures of the nice fields.

Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Nora enjoying Moriah.

As you can see there was a lot going on while Joia was home. It was a great time we are always glad when they can make it up here. On Wednesday I drove with Joia back down to DC. The trip was a little longer then on our way up but it went well.

Here we are crossing the boundary line on bridge between Canada and the US.

While we were driving we passed these two guys riding these bikes. We were wondering how they get up on or off of these.

Thursday after Philip got finished work we all went down town DC and went to the Old Post Office.

Looking up at the bell and clock tower.

This is inside the post office sorry it is blurry.

We went up in the clock tower and from there you can get a good view of the city. Notice the grass and trees on top of many of the buildings.

The Washington Monument.

More roof top gardens.

On the building in the center of this picture there is a pool on the roof.

Inside the clock tower looking out over the city.

All these bells were given to the United States by Brittan for their Bicentennial Anniversary. These bells are in the clock tower of the Post Office.

We got to see the official bell ringers ringing the bells. All the bells you saw in the last picture are right above the ceiling if this room.

Looking from the tenth floor down to the first in the Post Office. We went up thirteen floors to get into the clock tower.
Friday morning Philip took me to the airport there in DC and I flew to Detroit and got a shuttle back to Woodstock.

This morning I went over to Rob and Ada's place and helped Rob do some work on his deck. I had planned to go and help him a couple of weeks ago but it was raining so we canceled. Today the weather man had forecasted that it was supposed to be very hot and sunny, so we were going to go ahead with it.

This what the deck looked like when I arrived.

We put a few new support beams underneath it and just as we were getting ready to start making some of the pieces for the railing it started to rain. We went in the shed and cut a bunch of pieces hoping that the rain might be finished when we came out. Well it didn't stop and we weren't going to be rained out twice so we kept on working. I didn't want to get my shoes all soaked so I went around in my bare feet and it was so mud and but it made me feel a bit like I was back in Africa working in my bare feet. After working for several hours in the rain it finally stopped just before we finished the deck.

The finished product.

Rob & I


Anonymous said...

The deck looks GREAT and we love all the pictures! We LOVE having you home, but do miss getting updates...
Thanks so much for all the work you've done for us:)
Mark and Rebekah

Joia said...

Andrew, you are SO dead!! I Cannot believe you posted that picture of me, you bum! =0)