Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Catch Up Post

I am sorry I haven't posted much on here lately. This post is a bit of everything that I have been doing lately.

Wednesday of the week before last Mark and Rebekah took Dad, Mom, Rob, Ada and Me to see The Sound of Music at the Princess of Whales Theater in Toronto. It was amazing this was the first professional live performance I have every seen. It was very well done and we all enjoyed it and had a great evening together.

As we were leaving the theater Rebekah took this picture of Dad, Mom and Me.

There is an older gentleman in Norwich I do random jobs for. Anything from painting to planting flowers. About two weeks ago I cut down a tree for him and I decided to do a time lapse film of it.

Saturday morning Albert Meyer drove me to the airport in Detroit where I caught a flight to Washington DC. It was very nice I got an email from Delta Thursday evening and they told me that they were upgrading my economy class ticket to first class. What a nice surprise. I had a good flight to DC. My brother in law Philip picked me up at the airport. It is much warmer here then in Ontario.

We took the subway down town DC. Keenan is getting to be an old pro at riding the subway, since he had made to round trips before this one on "The Train."

Keenan and Me waiting for the subway.

After getting of the subway we had a good little walk across part of DC to get to The Capitol for our tour. On the way we walked pass the Canadian Embassy.

The Canadian Embassy.

Me with the Capitol Building in the back ground.

The Washington Monument

The whole dome of the capitol is said to weigh 9.5 million pounds.

The Library of Congress. This is the largest library in the World.

A rather ornate lamp post.

Moriah with her strategically placed tour sticker.

The inside of the dome.

Around the dome is a 3D painting that covers 400 years of history from Christopher Columbus to the Wright Brothers.

The Star Spangled Banner

The White House.

Union Station

Moriah and Me at BD's Mongolian BBQ
We encountered some ran on our way back from the restaurant. Yes we took the picture after we got inside. We were all quite wet but it is hard to see in the picture.

Cute little Girl

On Sunday we went out and played some Disc Golf.

Monday morning after we drop Philip of at work Joia, Keenan, Moriah and I will start the long drive up to Ontario. Joia and the kids are coming up for about ten days to visit friends and family.

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