Saturday, October 4, 2008

They are Married

Well the wedding is all done and it went quite well. Uncle Tom and Ryan were supposed to be up on the stage before the wedding party came in but they weren't. So the wedding party all came in and the bride started coming and they were still not in because they were never given their queue. I ran out there finally told them they were supposed to be in so they did come out and they were on the stage by the time the bride saw the stage.

Me playing sound man.

The whole party and Uncle Glenn giving a few words and a pray.

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Lindquist

Hanna & Dylan

Becca & Mike

Angie & Anthony

Haley & Jon

Katrina & Brett

Katie & Scott

Kyla & David

Renee & Roland

Frank & Melinda

Tom & Kathy

The cake Becca made.

All the gentle men.

Crumley & Lindquist connection

Frank, Melinda, Amanda, Ryan and Anthony

Renee, Roland, Uncle Tom, Aunt Kathy, Amanda, Ryan and Becca

The Whole Lindquist connection

Deb, Dylan and Ray

Ryan and Mike in their blues. Yes they are in the army but the army is switching to blue instead of green.

The Party

Getting in the Limo

The Lindquist with the Fast(Missionaries from Congo & Kenya)

The reception was at an art lounge. It was a nice rustic building. The art wasn't the most tasteful but it was nice anyways.

The Bride and Groom's cakes.

Ryan and Amanda starting the party with a dance.

There were about 100 people at the reception.

Frank having the second dance before the meal.

It was funny Frank was dancing with Amanda and then Ryan comes over and taps on his shoulder, like hey this is my wife. The had this planned. Frank started dancing away from Ryan with Amanda and then the music change to something much more up beat and Amanda walks back a bit and Frank starts to do this really funny dance to keep Ryan away from Amanda. It was just really funny.

This was the head table. The wedding party just sat with whoever they wanted at the other tables.

They switched up there outfits a little.

Dancing to the "YMCA" song.

Smack, nice shot Amanda.

Jade, being her cute self

Instead of confetti they had sparklers.

Their get away carriage.
The cute couple.

They are going on a caribean crusie tomorrow for six days.

On the way back from the reception Aunt Kathy was driving and a young girl turned right in front of her to go down a one way street the wrong way. Aunt Kathy slammed on the brakes but she still hit them. Uncle Tom and I were already at the house so we drove to meet them. Thankfully noone was hurt. We were there for well over an hour well after the police got all their reports written up.

The front drivers side corner was quite bent up but it was still drive able.

Becca trying to keep Jade happy while they got the accident stuff all sorted out.
About an hour after the accident a fire truck and two ambulances showed up and there were two police cars as well. It was quite the site to behold. It was good that nobody was hurt and needed an ambulance since it took so long for them to arrive.

Stay tuned and I will continue to keep you infromed.


Joia said...

More great pictures, Andrew! Great looking couple! =)

I think you meant "YMCA" song... =)

Andrew said...

Yes I totally meant YMCA thanks Joia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pictured Andrew! And your comments were great too! It made it seem almost like we were there!
Love Mark and Rebekah

Mom said...

Really good coverage Andrew, wish I could have been there with all my kin... =( Hi to all anyway... I'll bet Kathy is glad it is over... exhausted?

See you very soon... = )

Andrew said...

Mom I think they are all glad that it's over and done with now things can get back to normal.

I will say Hi for you to everyone.