Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Little Music for Your Visit

Thought you might enjoy a little music while you're here if you don't like the song playing just select a different one. If any of you have a special request of a song you would like to listen to while visiting my blog just leave a comment and let me know and I will do might best to get it for you.

I have the painting all finished in the living room and I am just waiting for Mom to have the curtains all wash so I can get a picture with the curtains up. Dad helped me so much, he did most of the painting I did the painting with the brush and then he did all of the rolling and I spent a lot of time finishing the trimming of the window.


Joia said...

Can't wait for pictures!!

The Woodford's said...

Wow, Andrew! Quite the transformation of your blog - very nice. And wow again that you blogged twice in one week!! =) Bekah must have keeled over at this!
We're looking forward to pic's too!!