Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It seems like I get home and then I get so busy that I forget to blog and let you know that I made it home alright. Hope you weren't too worried. I arrived home Tuesday morning about 3:30am. I got a few winks in and then went into work at noon. We have quite a bit of work to get done before we start getting to much frost which could be pretty soon.

This was our first project after I got back. My boss said that the old chimney had a six inch lean to it, so it definitely needed some attention.

We are now working on the Museum in Woodstock. Ya it's a bit of a climb to get up there.

A view from the other side. We are replacing the chimney on the highest peak.

This Saturday I went to Market again in Toronto. This was my last time going for this season. I have enjoyed it, but it is good that it is done too because I need a couple Saturdays to get somethings done before I leave again. Ya Lord willing I will be leaving again on Nov 3 til Jan 8 going down to Santiago, Nayarit Mexico.

This is some sort of decorative gourd. I think it looks like some of those funny plastic balls you can buy at the dollar store, but no this thing really grows on a plant.

It is Thanksgiving Day and our family always gets together. We were a smaller group this year with Tim and Steph now in Mexico and Steph's parents would usually come but they had other plans this year as well so we were a smaller group, but that just meant that we had to eat more. We really do miss them all. Joia called and talked to us while we were all together and then Tim & Steph called as well and we got to chat with them too.

The Delicious Spread

All those who were present.

It seems we have a tradition of taking a hike after eating our meal so that we can make room for some dessert.

Rebekah & Ada

A few fall colours

Aunt Nora & Dad chatting it up.

Mark is using the GPS on his IPhone to figure out just where we are.

Mark & Rebekah

The trees are starting to change

Some geese enjoy the water before it turns too cold.

A Squirrel trying to touch up his sun tan before he checks in for the long winter.

Ah, ya this sure looks a whole lot higher from up here. DON"T LOOK DOWN, DON"T LOOK DOWN.

Aunt Heather, Rebekah, Rob, Mark and Ada is behind Mark somewhere.

The geese making a pit stop on their way south.

Rob & Ada


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Andrew!
The one with Ada "back there somewhere" wasn't very smart. We should definitely have put her in the front! I think a good time was had by all! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Woodford's said...

Hey, nice to hear from you!! ;) Very great to see pic's of the event - wish we could have been there. Really enjoyed the leaf-turning pic's as they are the first ones I've seen, I think. Thanks for the post and pic's!!

Mom said...

Good pictures Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, can someone tell me? Is Andrew still alive? Is he still in the country? How will I ever find out if he doesn't update his blog? What to do? What to do?