Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dress Rehearsel

I flew in to Tampa the same time as Aunt Kathy's sister Cynthia. We drove back to my Aunt and Uncle place. We spent a few hour before going to Amanda's (Ryan's fiances) house. I must have really misunderstood Ryan. I guess he told me on the phone that they were going to have a pizza part and I thought he said beach party. So no we never went to the beach. At her house we made favors by bagging M&M's and putting them in little boxes and then made the programs.

Here we are making the programs.

We all went to Penaras for lunch today. All means people from both Ryan and Amanda's families and some of the wedding party. Penaras is a restaurant that sells all different kinds of breads and sandwiches and soup in a bread bowl and things like that. I don't really know how to describe it. Just google it.

My cousin Ryan and his fiance Amanda.

Mike and Angie. Mike is Ryan's really good friend. Ryan and him were both in Afghanistan together. Angie is in the Air Force and she was in Afghanistan and that is where they met. They are getting engaged tonight. Ya I know that's weird that I know but that's a long story. They are getting married in Vegas in November.

Ruth, Cynthia, Rebecca, Uncle Tom and Aunt Kathy.
This evening we had the dress rehearsal for the wedding. The wedding planner, Holiday to them that the rehearsal would only take half an hour. I found that really funny. The rehearsal took about an hour and a half and they didn't go over any of the music so it should be interesting to see how it all works out. I seems that I have been given the job as sound man. That should be fun hopefully I don't make anyone go deaf.

My cousin Renee and Aunt Kathy.

Here is the whole wedding party 17 people in all. Can you so WOW. Ya it is large. Eight girls seven guys and the bride and groom. The junior brides maid is walking in by herself.

Uncle Tom is officiating the wedding. He is licenced to marry but he has never married anyone before. I think he was a little nerves about it, but they are having a very short ceremony so he is glad.

Here are the pictures of all the couples in the party. I don't know all their names yet. Sorry

My cousins Rolland and Renee

Amanda's brother Anthony and Angie

Mike and Rebecca

All the ladies

Ring Barrier, Flower Girl and wedding planner Holiday.

Amanda's father Frank and Amanda

My Aunt's adopted sister Ruth and her daughter Jade.

The happily engaged couple

Amanda's parents Frank & Melinda

Rolland and his girl friend Natalie

For the rehearsal dinner we all went to Olive Garden. That is where all the rest of the pictures were taken.

Aunt Kathy's parents Glenn and Marge Crumley.

Two of Aunt Kathy's sisters Cynthia and Janice.

One of the long tables with my cousins Philip, Kathrine, Deb and Aunt Louise, on the right side.

Ya it was a big party with about sixty people there. Good food, Good fun, Good Times.

Rebecca chugging it back.

Jade enjoying her yogurt.

Aunt Marge drinking here (root)beer.

The happy soon to be married couple with there cool cake. They have chosen white and black as their wedding colors so Aunt Kathy got a white Tiger put on the cake.

Well that about catches you up with everything so far. It is 2am so I had better go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Andrew, I knew you'd be put to work wherever you went, but wedding favours is quite different that the work you've been doing in Mexico!
Love all the pictures. I'm going to go get Mark to explain who everyone is.
Please give Amanda and Ryan our congratulations (best wishes?)
Glad you're coming home soon.

Philip, Joia and Keenan said...

Wow, there wasn't any detail left undocumented by you, was there? =) Good job with the pictures - can't wait to see the wedding ones!
Looks like you're having a great time with everyone!

Andrew said...

Ya I am trying to keep everything document so you all feel in the loop. I will try to get lots of wedding pics and post them tonight if it isn't to late or early morning.

Yes Rebekah I will have to add making wedding favors to my resume. I am looking forward to being home for a little while anyway.

The Woodford's said...

Great pic's, Andrew! I like all the animals on the tables at the Olive Garden - was there something significant about that, or just decoration? Looking forward to seeing more...! =)

Mom said...

Aunt Louise is there??? I didn't know she was going to make it, did Uncle Jim come too???

Andrew said...

Ya Steph they wanted to have a bit of an African theme, since Amanda is marrying an African. Aunt Kathy brought all their carved wooden animals.

Mom the whole Jim Lindquist family was at the wedding.