Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Been A While

Well it is about time I post something on here. I have been home for a week and I have only posted once. I have been quite busy. I have been spending several hours each night getting pictures and video clips put together into some sort of presentation if anyone wants to see them. I am almost done I am just waiting for one picture.

Work has been busy. Spring is always busy for us with lots of chimney repairs to do. We have redone the tops of two chimneys since I have been back to work. I have posted a few pictures so you can see a little of what I do. Hope you're not afraid of heights.

The view from up there.

I have to make a decision on Saturday about going to Hungary or not. If you think about it please ask Father to make His will clear to me. Thanks

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Joia said...

Great pics as always, bro! =0)