Monday, May 19, 2008

Busy Every Night

It was another full week. I was working on chimneys mostly again, but we also did some flagstone repair on someones porch.

Besides regular work during the day I was out every night except for Monday. Tuesday night Dad, Mom and I were at Mark and Rebekah's house for supper. They were having Mom over for dinner for kind of a mothers day gift or something although they gave her a gift as well. Dad and I got to take part in the wonderful meal tool.

Wednesday evening my boss invited both of his employees (Me being one of them) over for dinner. He and his fanily wanted to see my pictures from Mozambique and hear how I got along. We had an excellent evening together. His wife made a great steak dinner, always a big hit with me. She always tries to feed us to much. We had a lot of fun.

Thursday I helped my brother Rob get his Suburban over to his house. Rob bought it on ebay about a year or so ago. When he got married and moved out he had several vehicles still here. We have gotten rid of a few. I also had and old car and truck of mine as well that we got rid of. Some people would joke with us and say that I looked like we were a used car dealership. It doesn't look so much like that anymore. It had been a while since I had spent sometime with Rob, it was good. He made an awesome supper for me by heating up some prorogues and farmers sausage. He is a great cook I didn't know he had it in him.

Friday were invited over to some friends place for supper and they asked me to share about my time in Mozambique. It is hard to share everything that happened and that God taught me, but hopefully what I did share would be an encouragement. Again we had an another good evening and a great meal. If anyone else once to see my pictures you're more then welcome. You don't have to supply a steak dinner.

Being the long weekend I had a little time on my hands. I can always count on someone to make sure that I don't sit around idle at such a time. Mark and Rebekah had some landscaping work and a front door that they wanted to get installed. Ok just so you know I was not pressured into this I volunteered, don't get upset Rebekah. Saturday morning I went over to London and the three of us went out to Rona and bought new front door and all the necessary materials for installing it. Then we went and got some interlocking brick and retaining wall stones for their front yard. By the time we had bought everything it was past one so we figured we would be able to get to much done on the front yard with the time we had left so we installed the new front door. That was one of the easiest installations I have done. It just fit perfect, which is not always the case. We also installed a retractable screen door. I don't know if you have seen them before but they are really neat. They roll up at the one side and you just pull it across when you need it.

Here 's the new front door and the screen door is partly pulled across, but you can't hardly see it.

Sunday we went up to Toronto because my Dad had been asked to speak on the Tabernacle at a church there. Mom and I went along to help with the set up of the scale model that He and Mom made many moons ago.

Dad speaking at the Family Builders Community Church in Toronto.

This is the model Dad and Mom made.
I spent the whole day today at Mark and Rebekah's. Mark and I spent the whole morning digging out all the old dirt so that we could put in a new gravel base for the sidewalk and retaining wall. We are not the fastest people in the world at it but I think it is coming along ok. It will look good when it is done. Rebekah came out this afternoon and said "I am glad you gives have a plan because I am not seeing what it is supposed to be like when it's done." I guess the big hole and all the dirt and gravel was kind of throwing her off.

This is what it looked like this morning when we started.

Ya, we look like a couple city workers holding up their shovels.

I am leveling some of the first retaining wall stones.

It doesn't look like much yet but this is as far as we got today.
This evening Mom invited the family all over for supper. Meals are always good family times, at least at our house they are.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your sister-in-law Rebekah doesn't sound like a very nice person! JK:) Thanks SO MUCH for all the help. Sorry that you didn't know quite how much work it was going to be when you volunteered to help! And I'm glad you guys DO have a plan. I was a little confused about spending half the day digging out the hole, then filling it all back in... It's looking good though!
Love Mark and Rebekah

Joia said...

Rebekah, at first I thought that first comment Was totally anonymous, and I was going to be really mad at whoever would say that about you! =)

Man, I'm totally missing all of you guys and all these great meals! =0/

Mom W. said...

Woah, Joia, what were you doing on here at 4:29 AM!???? Bad night??

Yes, Steph made an amazing roast beef supper for us last night with mashed potatoes, gravy, mushrooms with sauce and carrots/peas. Then of course a butter pecan cake decorated by Tim with 6 candles Mika and Shaelyn helped blow out. We were only an hour and 10 minutes late for supper because Dad had to work so late... But we enjoyed the food even more because we were so hungry.

Good job on the door and start on the front yard... Mark and Andrew!

Joia said...


The clock must have been off, I wasn't on in the middle of the night, it was more like 7:30!

Mom said...

Yeah, it So is off, see it said I was on 20 minutes after you were and I was on nearer 8 so you must be right... weird...

Mom again said...

And when I just wrote that it was 12:33 pm. It is 3 hours off...

Anonymous said...

We are such an odd family. Oh well I guess this is cheaper than CALLING each other! I missed you guys last night. I was getting used to seeing you every day!
Rebekah Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom said...

Why are we odd? Because we talk to each other on Andrew's blog?? It is kind of weird that Andrew isn't in on this... oh well. Just checking to see if the clock is fixed... love, Mom

Mom again said...

It's still off - 3 hours.

Steph said...

Hey Andrew,
Do you have any updated photos of the walkway? We'd love to see them!