Monday, May 5, 2008

I am not going to Hungary

Thanks so much for your prayers on my behalf for Hungary. I just sent an email to my friend in Hungary this morning and told Him that I will not be coming. I would have liked to go and it would have been a good thing to do, but I am seeking God's best. He must have something better for me. Maybe He knows I get very busy when I go away and He wants to allow me to have more time with Him. This is something He has once again shown me the importance of while being in Mozambique. He has been showing me just how much He desires to spend time with me and I am learning not to say "No" to Him.

I have finally got my pictures all together in some what of a video of presentation, after I don't know how many hours. If you would like me to come and show you pictures of my trip and hear a little more then I wrote in the emails, then let me know and I would be happy to share with you.

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Steph said...

Hi Andrew! Yep, we would like to see them!! Does tonight work for you?? Hope so! See ya in a bit.