Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lucia's House

On Thursday we went to the Village of Assumane to fix the roof on a ladies house. You may remember me speaking of a lady by the name of Lucia. It was her house that we were working on. Her house was built last year in the dry season. When the metal sheeting was put on the roof it wasn't overlapped enough. Obviously there was no problem with it during the dry season but ones the rains came they came right into her house. I was only informed of this a few weeks ago by Rachel who has Bible studies at her house on Friday afternoons.

God blessed us with a perfect day it was nice and sunny and dry. We had to all the sheets off and move them over so that they were overlap enough and then add a few new sheets as well.

Victo laying bricks on the back wall of the house. These bricks seal the metal sheeting down on top of the wall to keep the water out.

Some of Lucia's children
More children sitting in the front veranda.
Lucia preparing some potatoes for us, which were very scrumptious.

Joaquim and myself

More children, they love to watch us and help when they can.

The whole team of us that worked on the house.

We had a wonderful day working together, Lucia was very happy to have her roof finally fixed and we all made it home just minutes before it started to rain. Praise the Lord.

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