Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Little Update

The school is starting to actually take the shape of a real building now. We have laid about 2,300 blocks with only about 500 more to go. We are now up to the tops of the windows and doors where we have to pour a concrete beam all the way around the building. There is a lot of work to go, but it is nice to see some progress.

This is James he and I are the one that have done all the block work, it is such a blessing to work with him.

February 28th will go down as an important date for me. I finally hooked up running water to my house. It is so nice to just be able to turn on a tap and have water and not have to bring it into my house in pails any more.

One day I was driving back from the Airport, with Antoinette and Miriam and we got stuck in the mud on our very poor road. They sacrificed themselves to get out and push and paid a great price as you can see especially Antoinette. She was a very good sport and laughed the whole thing off.

Last Sunday I went out to Lusenjawa village to visit the Paetzold family. They are a South African missionaries serving with S.I.M. The Lord gave an absolutely beautiful day for riding a motor bike out there.

This will give you a little taste of the scenery along the way. Sorry I hoped this would be better quality.

This is Alfred Paetzold just finishing up the Braai, (South Africans are well known for being meet lovers and they love to Braai or BBQ as some may call it.) he had finished the meat and was just cooking this bread similiar to light biscuits. Very yummy.

Here we are enjoying the wonderful food that Belinda and Alfred made, it was fabulous.

After lunch Alfred, Christian, Bernard and Stephen and I went for a bit of a hike. They are such a great family I just had an amazing day with them.
This was the view as I road back home. Lichinga is off in the horizon on the right.

I have a house mate now, as of just over a week ago. His name is Don Foster. We are getting a long so well and having great fellowship together. He is such a help, we had Victo, Chanito and Carlos over for supper on Friday and Don made this amazing Spaghetti for us all. He claims he doesn't know all that much about cooking but we think he is holding out on us:)
Don loves onions but doesn't care for the adverse affect they have on his eyes, so this is what he tried to help that.

We run the generator for an hour to pump water every day or two so we were taking advantage of a little power.

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Mom said...

Fun post Andrew, the video is great, thanks for posting that, gives a better idea of the topography than the still pictures!! Good to see you enjoying the fellowship with others.