Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pictures from the last couple months

We have been to the lake a few times during the past couple months. We took the youth from Church at Christmas time and we just took them this last weekend as well. Some of them have never been to the lake before, it's only about an hour and a half drive from Lichinga. It seems so close you can actually see it from Lichinga very well in the evenings, when the sun sets it makes a spectacular view as it reflects of the lake.

Having a blast.

Matilde, Aurora and Angelina

Victo and Bona just chillen

A little Beach Volleyball action.

Yes there is a hippo that lives right there at the beach where we swim. This last weekend was the first time I had seen it but others have seen it before.

Carlos and Bona

We have had baptisms both times we have taken the youth to the lake, four people were baptized the first time and two this past weekend. What a joy it is to see them want to follow the Lord in obedience of Baptism.

Having a time of sharing and giving an opportunity for those who were being baptized to share their testimonies of how the Lord saved them.

When I am not at the lake, lol this is what I have been working on some of the time. The school is coming along well. We have the foundation all done and the walls are up about 4 feet high. Unfortunately the blocks are not able to be delivered to us as fast as we can lay them, so I am working on other projects as well.

There will be a veranda along this side of the building to raise it up to floor height where you can see the bottoms of the door ways.

We have to move in a lot of fill to bring it up to floor height.

In the foreground are the two classrooms and in the back right corner will be a storage room and to the left of that will be an office.

I have the three guys that live at the Bible school on our property, up for supper sometimes and maybe a movie. This particular day they were teaching me how to fry fish. We cooked it outside over charcoal so that it wouldn't splatter the kitchen up.

Carlos, myself, Victo and Chanito

We had a few spectators come over to see what was happening.
Master cook hard at work.

Almost done. Some people think the heads taste the best, not sure I am of the same opinion=) I really love this fish, I think it is the best tasting of what we can get here. This fish is fresh most of the other fish we can get is dried and salted.

Preparing the rest of the food in the kitchen.

I do have a table in my house but we turned it into a TV dinner as we watched a movie.

This is one of the other projects I have been working on while waiting for blocks for the school. Tyren and I built this kitchen in his house last April but we never got the cabinet doors and drawers made. This past week I worked at the Haynes to get their kitchen finished for them.

This is one more project checked of the list of things to do. About four more projects on the list to try to finish in the next four months. Unfortunately they will take a bit longer then this one. I hope to have a newsletter sent out by this weekend. If you don't get it and would like to please email me and I will send it to you.

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Mom W. said...

The cupboard doors (and cupboards) are really nice!!! Good job Andrew!!! You need to notify everybody that you updated your blog!!!

The beach pictures were wonderful!! Baptisms wonderful!!!

Yummy fish... did you try the heads??