Saturday, June 6, 2009

We're missing Albert

Dear Friends and Family,

On Monday we all had breakfast together at the Wilcox and said good bye to Albert. We miss you Albert come back soon. He made it home safely Wednesday evening. It has been a little bit strange this week I have worked all by myself, without Albert or the Mozambiquians that were working with use. I don’t seem to get nearly as much done when it is just me.

Last good byes at the airport.

Albert waves as he enters the front door of the plane.

I had thought that they were maybe going to find someone else to plaster the walls in the admin building but they haven’t so that is what I have been working on mostly this week. I have the walls in one bedroom done and the first coat of plaster on in the other two bedrooms and bathroom. This is another job I have never done before but I have received a few pointers from a Mozambiquian who went to school to learn how to plaster and it has been very helpful.

This is what the Admin Building looked like when Albert arrived.

Praise be to God this is what it looks like now.

This week I have also put together 6 bunk beds for the orphanage. They were made in Malawi and mostly assembled I just had to do some minor assembly of them. I also finished the drain plumbing in the bathrooms and kitchen in the admin.

I have continued to work on trying to get my return flights sorted out. I have been to the internet several times this week and calling via internet. God has been using this whole situation to teach me patience and trust in Him. I have spent over 12 hours calling airlines and trying to make the changes. I have four flights from Mozambique to get to Buffalo, NY. My last two flights from London, England are all good but my first two were cancelled for some reason and they have been the ones that have been giving me the most trouble. Finally last night they got me my first two flights and they will be calling me on Monday to let me know how much they will be. I am just praying that it will be a nominal amount. Had I known ahead of time it would be this much trouble to change my flights I probably wouldn’t have but God definitely has me here right now for a reason. In the future I think I will just by a one way ticket so that I don’t have to go through all of this.

It is four months ago yesterday I arrived here in Lichinga. It really only feels like it was about two months ago. I have been having such a good time here I am truly blessed to be able to be here. Thanks so much for each of you that are praying for me. Some of you have given me things I can pray for you and if anyone else has let me know I would like to lift them up in pray for you.

Till next week. Andrew

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Mark said...


The building looks great, good work. Our roof is all done but we'll be happy to put you to work on the basement when you get home. ;)

We love you, Mark