Monday, April 27, 2009

What is Really Happening in Beira

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I thought I would fill you in on what I have been experiencing here in Beira.  I haven't really shared any of this with you and I have been waiting till the Lord gave me freedom to do so and the words to share it.


The church meetings here are usually 3-4 hours long but it feels like it is only one hour.  Honestly I have been in church meetings in other places that were only one hour long but they seemed like they were four hours long, but the meetings here go by so fast and we don't want to leave because the strong Presence of the Lord. It is not like we are not in the presence of the Lord when we leave because we are but the presence is felt much stronger in some corporate setting. About two hours of those meetings are worship, God enjoys His people worshipping Him and He loves to show up in places where His people are worshipping and praising Him. His presence is there and things happen.  The blind are seeing, the lame start to walk, the deaf hear and sicknesses are healed and I am privileged to be here to see it, thank be to God. 


I cannot really explain in words what this is all like.  Some of you might be thinking this is a Pentecostal Church, but it is not.  It is a group of Christians who are seeking to know the Lord more, make Him know to others and they love to praise and worship their Lord.  For many years I have been closed to these things but God has been teaching me things and He has given me a deep desire to know Him more intimately. He has been fulfilling this desire and I know nothing else could. Seeing the Holy Spirit working in these ways is very different for me then what I have experienced in my walk with the Lord so far.  I have been in places before where they wanted this and there was a lot of hype but it did not feel right in my spirit and the Lord let me know it was not of Him.  In these meetings though I am at perfect peace that this is truly God at work and not just hype.


God is doing an awesome work among His church here in Beira, all across this nation and in many others nations around the world.  In these places the people of God come together and start to pray, call out and intercede for there nation. 2 Ch 7:14, 15  "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attend unto the prayer that is made in this place."  Like I said earlier this is happening in many places around the world, this is not an isolated thing. The people of God in these places are realizing that God is the only one that can bring the change that is needed and they get together in some of these places by the thousands and pray for hours and intercede and their prayers are heard and the nations are transformed.


As I read Acts I understand a little more of what some of there meetings must have been like.  How some people were filled with the Holy Spirit and others looking on thought they were drunk.  I have seen some people when the Holy Spirit came on them that after they could hardly walk and couldn't walk start they looked drunk and it is not a show, I know some of these people very well.  If it happened in Acts I shouldn't be surprised if it happens now I guess.  I am not surprised when a person gets saved liked they did in acts, but it sure brings a lot of joy to my hearts.  In the same way it brings great joy when I see the Holy Spirit come on someone in such away.  I believe and so do the Christians here that every born again believer has the Holy Spirit within them from the point of salvation, please do not miss understand this.  The Lord gives more of an anointing to some and we see this in scripture.  Think of Moses who spoke face to face with God.  That was under the old covenant and the New Covenant is said to be a better covenant.  Moses had the glory of the Lord shinning on him and the people asked him to cover his face because it was to much to look at.  Think of Peter his shadow fell on people and they were healed.  The Christians here want to know the Lord more and in turn He is more evident in their lives.


I am not trying to change what any of you think about these things but I felt I have been very vague with you as to what was going on here.  I am just trying to tell you what is happening and what the Lord is doing.  Please don't think I am saying that you all have to accept this.  I know if I got a letter like this about four years ago I would not have received it in my spirit.  I am not saying you are less of a Christian or anything if you don't receive this.  I am truly thankful for this time in my life.  I know this is just a little of what the Lord is wanting to do in my life and He has much more.  I also know that God is teaching each of you things and has many things instore for you, we are all on different journeys, so lets keep our eyes on Jesus and we won´t go wrong.


I would appreciate your prayers that I would be continuing to seek after the Lord and not signs or anything else.  I think some of you maybe worried that I am falling into error and I would really appreciate your prayers that I wouldn't and that I will stay well grounded in the Word to not let anything sway me from the TRUTH(JESUS).


This is what has been happening I am so thankful I came to Beira.  We are all very tired and all looking forward to about three days to rest before we head back to Lichinga. 


Your Brother in Christ,





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Mom said...

Sounds like it has been a very productive time Andrew, and we surely are praying for God to give you the discernment you need and the thirst to learn too. He is an amazing God and we have SO much in HIM!!