Monday, April 13, 2009

Moz #9



We praise God that we have safely arrived here in Beira.  We left Lichinga Tuesday morning and drove to Cuamba and arrived mid afternoon.  We stayed with some SIM missionaries there.  They gave us a house all to ourselves.  We spent all day Wednesday there in Cuamba because Peter and Debbie and some other missionaries there were having a meeting with a lot of the local pastors preparing for some evangelistic meetings that we will be holding there on our way back at the beginning of May.  Thursday we got away at 4:30am and we didn't arrive in Inhaminga till around 7pm.  Peter had heard of a ministry called Afrika Wa Jesu (Africa for Jesus).  They have a large base there in Inhaminga.  They are training and discipling church leaders.  They have about 1,000 of there students all across Moz.  It was an encouraging time there as we got to have supper with the director and hear his vision and see his heart for Africa.  Friday morning we left there at 9am and arrived in Beira at 4pm.  After traveling 1,200 km over three days with six people in the back seat which is really only meant for 3 we were all very thankful to finally be here. 


We arrived just in time to catch part of there Good Friday service at the Peniel Worship center where the conferences will be. The Lord has been blessing in amazing ways over the last several years at this church.  The people have such a heart for worship and a hunger for God.  The building seats about 300 people but there are always more people then chairs and they set up speakers and a screen outside so that people that cannot fit inside can still be apart.  They haven't been doing big crusades or anything but the church growth has been from one person touching another person's life and on and on it has gone.


We have been blessed by one of the people in the church to be able to use his house.  He has given the whole thing for us to use for the next couple of weeks.  About three years ago he was not a Christian he was here in this house and he heard people worshiping and singing praises to God.  He followed the sound and it lead him to Peniel.  The house is in Manga a suburb outside of Beira about a 15 minute drive from the church.  There is know way he could have heard the music it had to be the Lord that made him hear it but he went there and gave his heart to the Lord.  He is a dear Christian brother and now he just wants to be a blessing to others.


There are many people coming in for the conferences from Australia, India, England, South Africa and some other surrounding countries.  We are looking forward to the conferences with great expectation.


We are also enjoying being in a big city where are there are a few more things available then in Lichinga.  The last few weeks there was a shortage of Peanut Butter in Lichinga so we have enjoyed getting some here and other things as well from Shoprite.  Shoprite is Africa's largest Supermarket and has most things that one back at home would have.


Saturday evening I went into town on a minibus hoping to go to an internet café but they all closed at 5pm and I got there at about 5:45. 

The youth conference starts this coming Wednesday at 6pm and goes till Saturday evening.  Then next week there is a Women's conference but the men are invited to many of the sessions as well. We are close to the beach here as well and we might happen to find ourselves there a couple times.

Ok I had better go internet fees aren't quite as cheap her ein Beira as Lichinga. God Bless

In Christ,


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