Saturday, April 4, 2009

Moz #8

Hello Friends & Family,

It is Tuesday evening and I have just finished a good spaghetti dinner that Jesse and Tanya made. I am sitting here in my room drinking my tea and it is to early to go to bed so I think I will start to fill you on the last few days.

First off I am so thankful that I am totally back to normal after my experience with malaria. I have my appetite and my strength back and I am feeling fine. I am feeling a little light headed though. I just got a hair cut a few days ago after going almost two months since it was last cut and I normally get it cut about once a month. I was feeling a little shaggy. Miriam Wilcox said I looked a little over grown; she was referring to my hair, other then that I am feeling fine.

Friday evening I was in Lichinga using the Internet and I was there till about 7pm. I had borrowed Annelisa's motorbike to go into town. The lights hadn't been working and I had thought I had got them fixed earlier that day. I went to drive the motorbike back out to where I am staying and I realized the head light was not working. I was alright while I was in town but the last 5 or 6 km it was pitch black I couldn't see anything and I almost drove off the road. I didn't have my flashlight with me so I had to use the little light on my cell phone. I would hold it out in front of me and it would stay on for about a minute then it would go off and I would have to turn it on again. I would always have to be ready to stop as soon as the light went out otherwise I would drive off the road. I thankfully got back safely but it is not something I would want to do again if I had a choice.

Saturday morning all of us here at the base drove out to Lake Malawi and spent the day there. There are some missionaries that have a little house right on the lake. They weren't there but we made use of the yard and beach. We had a very nice time together swimming and getting sunburned. Well I got burned more then the other I think but it was still a good time. It is not something they get to do very often so it was very special.

All of us at the beach.

Top Left Tanya, Jesse, Mikila Tanya, Elias, Isaiah, Tyren, Victor, Me

Second Row Annelisa, Miriam, Karmelie, Peter, Debbie, Tiffany, Ameral, Gazany

Sunday morning we had a good time of worship and sharing with the Christians that come from some of the surrounding villages. After our time together there was a couple that wanted to get baptized Pai Finehas and his wife Mama Maria and a young boy. Pai Finehas and Mama Maria usto be Muslim, but about a year and a half ago they accepted Jesus as their Saviour. They have been encouraged to be baptized but they have been putting it off. Being a Christian in their village they still have some respect from the other Muslims but once they are baptized they loss all respect and this has been a hard decision for them to make. It was a joyful time for all of us to see them obey the Lord and be baptized down at the fish pond. Please pray for this couple that they can continue to be shining lights for Jesus. The Lord is doing a great work among the Muslims in this area and many are turning to Christ.

Monday the Wilcox invited me to go with them to a conference in Beira, which is a large city about one and half days drive south of Lichinga. I am praying about going with them. The Wilcox's are leaving on April 7th and want be back till the beginning of May. If I go I am not sure if I would stay the whole time or not but this is going to cut into the amount of time I have to get work done here so I have been trying to put an extra hour of work in here and there in case I do go. As of Tuesday I have the three bathroom counter tops made sanded and varnished two still need one more coat. All the shelves are made and installed in the pantry. The kitchen cupboard doors need one more coat of varnish on one side and hopefully they will be installed on Thursday. I was hoping to get the tiles for the back splashes in the kitchen and bathrooms on Tuesday, but Lichinga is sold out of tiles, so they are going to have to be bought in Beira. Other then having the tiles done most everything else that they wanted me to get done in the girl's house should be done by the weekend. The Lord has made everything come along very quickly and we are so thankful.

It is Saturday now and I am at the Internet wait to get connected. It looks like I am going to Beira but I am not sure how long I will stay there I am just going to go and see how the Lord leads.

The work in the girls house has come along well the kitchen is all finished. The sinks and counter tops are all in but not plumbed yet. Friday I had some extra time so I started making a concrete wash tub for Tyren and Tiffany to wash their clothes in. When I was here a year ago I mentioned that next time I come maybe I can make on for you, so when I got here they held me to my word. I got all the blocks laid for it and I am not sure if I will get much more done on it before I leave on Tuesday.

The finished kitchen

Another angle

Pantry Shelves

One of the bathroom counter tops

Tyren & Tiffany's Wash Tub.

It isn't much to look at yet I know.

Peter and Elias left early this morning to drive to Malawi to pick up six bunk beds for the girls house and they hope to be back tomorrow afternoon. It is kind of a quick trip but they don't have much time. These are the bunk beds that they were hoping I could make when I was here last year but the wood never came in.

We would really appreciate your prayers for our trip to Beira. It will take us three days because we are making a few stops as long the way. Please pray for safety as we travel on the poor roads and also that we would each be open to what the Lord wants to teach us through the conference and our whole time in Beira. Thank you so much your partnership with me means so much. It sounds like that is just the thing I am supposed to say but really I don't know how to put it into words what you all mean to me, but know you are greatly appreciated.

Your Brother in Christ,



Joia said...

Always enjoy the updates! The kitchen is Beautiful!! You do amazing work!

Mark said...

Andrew, it is great to read and see what you have been doing. We pray for you every day. Your bro, Mark

Heather said...

So good to see the pictures! You're doing a great job; keep up the good work.

Mom said...

Andrew, the kitchen and the shelves and bathroom counter all look great. The automatic washer looks a little sketchy though... =) Nice talkin to ya on skype this morning... miss you... Love you