Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Have Visitors

I don't think I mentioned it but there is one more kid around here. Another one of the goats gave birth to a little kid. This one wasn't able to drink from it's mother and was getting very weak so Nelly brought it home and has been bottle feeding it four times a day. It is doing much better now and has gained a lot of strength.

Here are a couple pictures of the last burger stand that we just finished working on.

Both burger stands are now in operation. Tuesday evening was the first time they were both up and running.

This is the first stand that we were working on when I got here, now in it's new location and all decked out for Christmas.

Wednesday evening Tim, Steph, Eleo and the girls arrived here at about 8pm. Jason and Shelly and there girls came down from Tepic to take Eleo back with them. We all had a wonderful meal of Tacos together when they arrived. It was good to see Tim and Steph and the girls again, even though it has only been about two months.
All the kids

Friday morning we all went to see the goats, while James milked one of them.

This is the kid that was born two and a half weeks ago. He is doing very well.
The kids in with the goats and other kids.

Simon, Shaelyn, Andrew, Levi and Mika

Friday evening we had an English sing here with all the missionaries. I think I heard that it was maybe the first one they have had. We all enjoyed it and it will be something that will probably be done more often now.

Saturday we went to Lago Santa Maria Oro.
The view from the restaurant.

All of us enjoying our seafood.
The kiddos

We went for a ride around the lake in a boat.

The lake is surrounded my mountains

Since we are finally finished the burger stands we have now moved to a wood project. We have started making the vanity for James and Nelly's bathroom. There is just a little wooden table with a hole cut in the center that holds there sink right now so we hope to get a proper counter in there for them.

Tim, Steph and the girls will be here till Tuesday and then they are heading up to Tepic to spend a couple days with the Cains before they head home. On Saturday Lord willing we will start our long drive over to Veracruz, hoping to arrive some time Monday.

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Andrew! nice to see how you are doing in Mexico!
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