Thursday, December 18, 2008

Being Mr. Dad

Read the post below this one first. I have blogged twice in one day and I know that will throw you all off.

So they had me playing the role of Dad. Levi said if any of them were bad I was supposed to spank them and send them to bad. They were good and we didn't have to do it too many times, JK. Then we played hide and seek.

After playing for a while I decided that Me and the Boys (I am aware that is not correct grammar) could all work together and fix the ironing board. It was broken a couple weeks ago when a door fell on it. We got all our tools out and went to work. I held the drill and they had a blast pulling the trigger and taking the screws out and then we made a splint for the bottom to hold it all together again. Again I held the drill and they pulled the trigger to put the screws all back in. I am not sure who had more fun me or them but we all had a good time.

The Ironing Board repair crew

The like new board. I asked them all to look tough and strong.

I think Andrew is imagining "Boy you guys sure don't look very tough."

"This is how you do it you see my six pack here man."

After our repair work we all piled on the motor bike and went for a ride into town. First we went up on the mountain in the center of town and took a few pictures.

Looking over there big town of Santiago.

Best friends for life.

Then we went to the town square and wandered around there and took a few pictures. They wanted me to buy them a balloon from a man that was selling them but being on the motor bike I figured it would blow away. Ya I know I am such a spoil sport.

Before coming home we stopped by the burger stand for supper. We had a good night out on the town.
The person taking the picture kind of cut Simon off.

Now we are back home, I read a couple stories to the boys and put them in bed. I figured they would have come out several times like they normally do saying someone was kicking them or they needed some water or something. I guess all the fresh air tired them right out because they have been down for an hour and I haven't heard from them once. I am very surprised. My night as Mr. Dad didn't go to bad and I didn't even have to change a diaper, sweet deal. No, I don't think I put anyone to bed with a dirty diaper, at least not on purpose. Well I had better go and get some clothes pack for our trip to Veracruz.


Mom said...

Good job Andrew, you are a great babysitter! Lots of great pictures - so cute of the grandkids too. Miss you and ... you didn't mention being a brand new Uncle again...

Joia said...

Andrew, I LOVE this post!! Good job with all those boys, you're a fun babysitter! =)