Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Playground is Finished

Here are the final pictures of the playground. It has been so much fun to build but it is nice to have it finished and be able to move onto other projects. Lord willing the school will be the next project I start.

Who says a Seesaw is for two people??

The Giant Swing, I didn't realize how much harder it would be to get swinging with these long chains, it is a real work out getting going, but it nice once you get up there.

I needed some smaller rocks for making the concrete floor for the play house since we only had big rocks you know what I got to do:)

I think I might try to get a job crushing rocks this is so fun.LOL Maybe if I could actually do it this fast. This is how all gravel is made here in Mozambique, crushed by hand. Now I know why they charge so much for it. I will never take three quarter crushed gravel for granted again.

The Play House. It makes a nice shady place for taking a Siesta in the middle of the day. They wanted it very open, so that someone can always see what is going on in there.

The final thing to finish the playground. The Tire swing has been a big hit, but the kids have been finding that they get feeling sick quickly if they spine for too long.

A walk through the Playground.


Mom said...

VERY impressive Andrew... and wow, can you work fast...!!! The playground is wonderful. How do you keep the termites from eating it???

Rob said...

Nice work bro! Looks like a pile of fun...think I'll come and swing a little. The playhouse was a "smashing" success before it was even built.


So awesome, bro!!! Great job. The children must be really happy. Thanks for using the gifts God has given you for His glory.