Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Construction Has Started on the School

The school is the next project on the list to be built. Last Monday I got it stacked out and level lines all strung ready to start digging the foundation, as you can see below. This school will have two classrooms, a storage room and an office.

The school is in the shape of an "L" and it is roughly 70' by 36'.
I started the digging last Tuesday by myself and I nearly died. I am so thankful that there have been three other guys that have helped for varying amounts of time.

James and I taking a break. James has put in the most time digging out of all of us.

Just over 250' of trench in total and we finished it this past Monday morning.

Sergio(In the trench) and James what a blessing they have been.

This will give you an idea of what the school will look like when it is finished. The two classrooms will be on the right, the storage room in the corner and the office on the left.

Now the digging is all finished and we are ready to start pouring the concrete footings. We have all the sand and we are just waiting on the gravel. The goal is to have the footings all poured by Christmas and start laying the block foundation after Christmas.

I have been doing a few small projects lately as well. I have spent sometime working on the engine of Peter Wilcox's Honda motorbike. We have had to take the engine out a couple of times and take it apart. It has been a good learning experience for me. I have also made three mirrors.

This one is in the girls bathroom in the orphanage.

This one is for the Tia's(Aunties)

The third one was Rachel and Melissa's idea to make one for Annelisa's birthday which was last month. It was a belated Birthday gift, she just got it today. Rachel did some excellent painting on the frame and put on Annelisa's favourite verse Deut 33:27.

Last Wednesday or Thursday we had a big wind and rain storm come through and it blew down the grass building, the church met in, in the village of Assumane. You can see a building in the background which is partially completed. That will be the new building for the church to meet in. There is now a little more urgency to get it finished.

This past Sunday we met in the partially finished building. It rained on us a little and then the sun scorched us while we were there for three hours. It will be nice once there is a roof on the building but until then we won't let that stop us from meeting to Worship the Lord. As you can see there aren't many people there we think that many people thought we wouldn't be meeting because the old building blew down.


Mom W. said...

Impressive speed work, did you show it to the other fellow?

The building will be really nice when it is finished... Good job Andrew... and on the mirrors too!!

Andrew said...

Yes Mom I showed the video to James he thought it was very funny.