Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I figured I should at least let you know that I have arrived back into Lichinga safely, Praise the Lord. I took a bus from Pemba to Nampula. That morning someone was supposed to pick me up at 4am to get me to the bus. They slept in and didn’t pick me up till 5 we drove around Pemba trying to find the bus then found out it had already left town, so we decide to chase it down. About 30km later we caught up with it and everything went smoothly to Nampula from there. I spent the night with an Iris missionary in Nampula and then I decided to fly to Lichinga from Nampula rather then go by bus and chapa it just wasn't going to be very safe by myself and trying to get out and meet transportation early in the morning with out anyone to take me. Rather then it taking me a day and a half it took one hour which was very nice and I arrived in Lichinga on Thursday the 1st of April.

Melissa’s parents and her sister had been here for a couple of weeks and I got in on the last three days of their time in Lichinga. I enjoyed working with Frank (Melissa’s Father). He did a lot of work here and we are so thankful for him. Most of the time I spent with him was on Saturday when we roasted a pig. The whole team here got together for a wonderful pig roast dinner. It was enjoyed very much by all.

Peter, Annelisa and Antoinette are all gone for two months to Spain and will be spending time in Portugal, England and Holland. They are ministering in churches and to individuals as the Lord give them open doors. They will be gone till almost the end of May. They are missed around here but we are excited for what God is doing through them.

All of last week I spent helping Tyren on Tiffany’s kitchen. I had promised them several months ago that I would help do it and so when I got back from Kenya I wanted to get it done for them. It was a lot of fun to build and now they are having a lot getting to use it.

The two carpenters.

I just started working again on the admin building yesterday getting ready to install the doors and windows. I carried all the doors and windows from a smaller building where they had been stored for several months to the admin and while doing that I some how hurt my back. It has been quite sore so I took the day off to give it a little rest. I would appreciate your prayers for my back. Please also be praying that God would also provide more people to help with the construction here. Maybe some work teams or individuals short or long term, whatever we aren't picky. The work can seem a little overwhelming when I think of all that needs to be done, but I try to not let it. Thankfully it will get done in God’s perfect timing.

Working with some of the windows I pulled my back on.

Thanks again for your emails and prayers they are always appreciated. I am praying for you too and for prayer requests you have sent me.

Till next time be encouraged and live everyday in the joy and strength of the Lord Jesus who lives in you.

Your Brother in Christ, Andrew

This is a little of whats been cooking in my kitchen.

This little dude was sitting in my sink.

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Mom W. said...

The goodies you baked look really yummy, cinnabuns!! Good job on the kitchen, are there going to be doors on the cupboards??

Take it easy on that back...