Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I am back here in Lichinga now I arrived back Thursday late morning. It is nice to be home. Melissa's parents were here for a little over two weeks and I got in on the last three days of their stay. I really enjoyed working with Frank, Melissa's Dad. As you can see from the pictures below we had some fun together.

Frank has roasted many pigs so Saturday we roasted one and I tried to help him some. It was so good. All of us here at the base got together for supper that night and had a feast.

I was holding the pig's tongue trying to make it look like it was sticking out of my mouth but it was very hot and so I had to throw it and this is what it looked like when the picture was snapped.

A few people have asked to see what my house looks like so i have included this video.

Here are a few pictures incase the video doesn't work.

My roommates.

This is the oven I made


The Woodford's said...

Hey Andrew, Happy Easter to you, too! Glad you made it home safely. It was great looking at both the pic's of your place, and the video. The last part when you were way up high gave me a better idea of the layout. It didn't have any sound though, was it supposed to?
Have a super day!

Mom said...

Oh, that is really a good look at your house. Will you plaster it inside?? Is that a shower area back in the walled part of the bathroom??

How does the oven work?? Good pictures!! Good pig roast.

Andrew said...

This is to answer a few questions asked previously.

No the video didn't have any sound I was short on time to edit it so I did away with the audio.

No I won't be plasrtering the walls they will stay just like that it is kind of nice. Yes that is a shower area in the bathroom behind that little wall.

Thankfully the oven works very I have made banana bread, biscuits and bread in it so far.

Judy said...

Thanks for answering those questions Andrew.