Saturday, February 6, 2010

Roofing and More Roofing

As I said in my last newsletter Rudy and I were planning to go to Malawi last week Monday. We left early that morning and got to the border got stamped out of Mozambique and then we had to ride on the backs of bikes across no mans land to get to the Malawi border. We went into the immigration office and I told the man we wanted o come see his beautiful country and we were going to go to Blantyre to do some shopping for a few days. He Asked f were going to be doing anything else I said we were getting visas as well. He said oh so that is the reason you are coming to get visas, that is not a good reason to enter our country he said and that was it. I tried to negotiate with him for about an hour but there was no way. Now we weren't sure want to do. We went back to the Mozambique side and told them our problem. They said that they would issue us new 30 day visas which they really didn't have to do because really we were supposed to have left the country for a few days before they could issue us new visas. At first they we going to send us back to the Malawi border to try again. We said look they aren't going to let us in I said do you have a tent because we are going to have to camp out here in no mans land. Rudy said are you going to provide us with food and water at this point they started to understand our situation a bit better. We praise the Lord for the favor we found in their eyes. It ended up saving us several days which made t possible to get more work done here because we were back here in Lichinga that night. I unfortunately was not able to get my residence visa so I can't start my permanent residence process yet, but God's got that all in control I am sure.

Rudy and I also got to help putting a new roof on Howard’s (He is a quadriplegic) House, he lives in a small house and when it would ran it would leak on him and he would have no way to move. We spent a day and a helping helping with that.

Please pray I just heard that the Mozambican Government is thinking about letting a private Belgium company do all the issuing of documents for identification of nationals as well as foreigners. The Belgium company is wanting to up a lot of the id prices by sixty percent. They also want to up the DIRE(this is the document that I am wanting to apply for and the one that anyone needs to be able to stay on Mozambique for extended periods of time) price to $1000.00. This would mean that the total income for documents for one year would be around 206 million dollars the Belgium company would be taking 129 million and only leaving 77 million in the country. We would really appreciate your prayers for this that this proposal would not go through.

We can definitely tell it is rainy season now. It is raining for a few hours a day and sometimes all night. It has made it a bit difficult for us to work and we have often only been able to put in half days of work. Thankfully we now have the roof on the round house finished and we can do some work even when it rains. We have the kitchen half finished we just have to pour the concrete counter top and hopefully we can move into that house sometime next week. This is our goal anyways.

Last Thursday and Friday a group of about 20 people went to a village to show the Jesus film and many people came to the Lord as well as a few people being healed. We praise the Lord that several of the village leaders have accepted Jesus as Savior how before we very strong Muslims and some of them were apposed to the group coming at first. Read the full report on Jesse and Tanya's blog here

We are looking forward to moving into our new house for a few reasons but one of which is there will be less places for the rats to hide. A couple of nights ago I walked into the bathroom and I shone my flashlight down and there was rat number five. He or she I'm not sure which ran towards me trying to get out the door but it ended up getting between my foot and the floor and that was it. Thankfully this one didn't get a chance to chew into any bags of flour or take a few bites out of my silicone spatulas which they seems to enjoy for some reason.

Tyren was gone for almost three weeks to Tanzania ministering in several churches there. You can find all the details of that trip on his blog here Well worth the read.

I guess you have noticed I haven’t been doing well at getting newsletters out every week. I think I am going to try doing it bi-monthly and see how that goes. Thanks again for all your emails and prayers they are a great encouragement to us.

I am sorry I wasn't able to get any of these pictures in the post where I talked about them.

Rudy in Howard's Court Yard

My silhouette

Taking the old roof off

This little boy fell asleep while watching us.

The new roof going on.

Waiting for the grass to come.

That is Rachel sitting on the left and she was the one to get the ball rolling to do Howard's roof. She is an occupational therapist and so she has been helping him how ever possible.

A Giant Snail it was probably about 6 inches long.

Peak a boo

The village school

Where's Rudy

The framing was more difficult then we had first thought but it was fun doing it.

Just finishing off the last bit.
Well the roof is done we have yet to see if it is water proof.

We are putting in a bit of a kitchen.

Wall plastered and ready to pour the counter top.

We gave Peter a hand with a well he had dug a few weeks ago. We lowered Rudy down into the well because he wanted to. Then we lowered down a lot of sand and gravel for him to pour around the concrete rings. We lowered down three rings and we have 5 more to go.

Looking up from the bottom of the well.

Rudy is down there somewhere.

We do not always have the best cell phone reception so we have to get up higher sometimes. here Peter is standing up on there old Land Rover to try to hear better.

This is our next project when we are finished on the round house.


Mom said...

Looks good Andrew, the roof is very impressive, is that a part you have plastic on for a sky light?

Andrew said...

Yes that is a sky light. Mom

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that, "what's down in the well comes up in the bucket", or Rudy could get stuck. Ya know, in the "meyer."