Friday, January 22, 2010

Rudy is Here.

I had hoped to update this before now but things have gotten a little bit more busy in the past couple weeks. We have lost two people from our team here in Lichinga. Antoinette has returned to Pemba to continue here work there. At this time she is very busy getting profiles for the orphans put together for a sponsorship program. We have as well had to say good bye to Gazani one of the Mozambican brothers that has been working here for about three years. We will miss him a lot but we are glad that he is following the Lord’s leading for his life. I worked together with him quite bit and he is a dear brother in the Lord.

We lost two but we have gained one as my friend Rudy arrived on the 16th here in Lichinga from Ontario. I am so thankful that he has come and that he is Lord willing staying for two and a half months. It is very nice to have another person to live with and fellowship with as well as a work partner. We are hitting it off very well and it seems like the time that he is here for is going to go by too fast. Maybe he will come back :)

Our first project is working on a round house that will be for us to live in. We have the doors and windows in and we have a good part of the roof framed up. It is a little more difficult to put on a round roof then we thought. It will be interesting putting a tin roof on a round building something that neither of us have ever done before.

Lord willing on the 25th Rudy and I will take a four day trip to Blantyre, Malawi to get our visas. I am hoping to get my residency visa so that I can get permanent residency here so I don’t have to leave the country every three months. I would appreciate your prayers for this.

We are very excited that it has finally been possible to start a worship center in Lichinga. We use a conference hall at a hotel and we want this to be a place that any Christian or non Christian a like from any church can come and be blessed and encouraged. The goal is to see unity among the Christians in the city they have been divided for too long. We have only meet like this a few times but we are seeing that many people are very hungry. We meet at 4pm Sunday afternoon to try not to interfere with other church services.

I would also appreciate your continued prayer for my Portuguese I am not getting as much study in as I would like. I am thankful to be able to understand much more then I could but I really need to study more to be able to speak all that much.

We have had some interesting times with rats in our house. I killed two before Rudy came and the other night we heard one and went hunting for it and found two and killed them both. They just seem to love living with us. Thank you for your prayers and emails.

It has been a great help in many ways to have Rudy here but he is especially go at fixing motorbikes and we have had four to fix in his first week here.

Here are a few other projects I worked on before Rudy arrived.

Deciding the best way to tie the rings.

Lowering the rings into the hand dug well with the truck.

I made these lockers for a couple of brothers staying at the Bible School.

What they look like inside.

I made a bed for myself with a drawer under neath for my clothes and things.

Enjoying the mud of the rainy season.

Have you ever had this much fun??

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