Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waiting in London

Ok let me back track here and put in a few pictures of things I mentioned in my last post.

Buffalo Airport

JFK, I just couldn't find any power outlets with chairs beside them so I made my own.

The sunrising over the clouds.

I thought this was neat how the shadow of our plane has a complete rainbow around it or whatever you would call it.

Esther was held up coming on the tube because they are still trying to recover from the snow storm here and some of it is above ground. She made it to the airport at about 11:30. We went and tried to check in for my next flight before we left but we couldn't check in till 2, so we just went ahead and left and figured we would just plan to be back in time. We rode the tube for about half an hour into London.

We stepped out of the train station and there stood Big Ben towering over us.

Esther & I

The Parliament Buildings.

I love these telephone booths.

Westminster Abbey

A little closer view of it.

Looking across the front of the Abbey.

This is inside a church of to the side of the Abbey.
I hadn't noticed the little sign when I took the picture.

Looking across at the train station with the Eye of London in the back ground.

The rear part of the Parliament Buildings.

I love these old buildings but I don't know what this one is.

Eye of London a little closer. About 20 people can go in each pod and it takes about 45 minutes to make one rotation.

Looking across the Thames back at the Parliament Buildings.

A bridge in London, not THE London Bridge.

Because of having so much wait in my carry on the wheels are starting to go a little crooked. The bumpy ice didn't help so I carried it some.

We had a hard time finding a place to eat because many were closed because of the "storm."

Down in the tube getting ready to head back to the airport.

Well I guess we didn't leave the city soon enough my flight left at 6pm and we got to the check in counter at 5:30 and they sad I was to late. They booked me on the next flight at 9 but I had to pay a fee for the change. Oh well now I have time so that I can put this post on here for you. Everything is going well so far thanks so much for your prayers. Looking forward to arriving in Mozambique.


Mom said...

Oh Andrew, I had a premonition about you being late for that flight - this won't affect your connection in Jo'burg? Oh well...

The Woodford's said...

Love all the pic's of London - glad you got to see them! =) Hope your next flight goes well!

Andrea said...

aw, sorry you were late...the pictures were great though! safe journey!

Joia said...

Great pictures! I LOVE the one of you in the wheelchair in the airport - too funny!

I also cracked up at "I didn't notice the little sign when I took this picture" =)

P.S. I pointed at you and asked Keenan who that was and he said, "Grandmaw!" LOL! He's obviously a little confused, since you were both here recently... =)