Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am Alive

Arrival Day in Lichinga.

My last night in Maputo I didn't sleep much at all. I got about one
hour of sleep and then my body realized that it wasn't time for me to
be sleeping, because of the seven hour time difference, so I woke up
and couldn't go back to sleep. I was going to get up and do a few
things. I went to turn the light on and realized the power was out.
This happens periodically. After a while I just got my mp3 player and
listen to music for a few hours till I had to get up at 4am. Orlando
came shortly after 4:30 and got me to the airport.

I don't know why they wanted me at the airport at 5am because they
don't start checking people in till nearly 6. I was first in line, I
went up to the counter and they wanted to see my ticket. I didn't
have a ticket only my ticket number and confirmation number, because
the Wilcox had booked it for me. Their computer system wasn't
working, so they were manually checking everyone in and giving out
hand written boarding passes. I had to wait 20 minutes while they
located a list of all the confirmed people for the flight that day.
You might have thought that they would have that list at the counter
where they were checking people in but I guess not. They finally
realized that yes I was supposed to be on that flight. I was allowed
to check 25kg worth of stuff and then my carry on was only supposed to
7kg, but it was 10 and they just decided to let it pass. Thankfully
up until now I have not had to pay any extra money for over weight
luggage. My two bags have still not shown up yet.

When I arrive into Lichinga just before noon, Peter, Elias, Miriam and
Mikaila Wilcox, as well as Tyren and Victor were all waiting for me.
It was so good to see each of them again. It was so nice to get into
the Wilcox new car as well; the old Land Rover (Moses) that picked me
up last time has been replaced by the new car (Joshua). They brought
me to the house I stayed in last time and I dropped my stuff off. In
the room there was a letter from that Wilcox and on the front it said
Welcome Home. It does fell kind of like home. Then we went up to the
Wilcox house for lunch. There is a girl from the Iris base in Pemba
staying here with the Wilcox, her name is Tanya. She has been doing a
lot of sewing for the girls that will be staying at the orphanage,
like making laundry bags and clothes. Antoinette has been over in
Pemba for the last two weeks and she is coming home this weekend for a
week and then will return. I should mention Pemba is a city directly
east of here about 500km right on the coast.

After lunch Peter showed me what work is highest on the priority list.
They need a door taken out of the bathroom and blocked in and then two
other doors put in and a short piece of wall. Install two counters in
the bathrooms as well as three sinks and plumbing and install and
plumb two toilets. Then for the kitchen they need ten feet of wooden
counter top with cabinets underneath on one side and ten feet of
concrete counter top on the other side with just a shelf under it. I
have never made a concrete counter top before, so it should be fun.
There is a Mozambiquian man that works with YWAM that is going to come
and work with me each day Lord willing. He doesn't speak any English,
I think Elias is going to be able to interpret for me sometimes, but
hopefully I will be able to learn some Portuguese as well.

In the afternoon I chipped away the concrete and removed the door from
the bathroom and made a whole in another wall where we will need to
install a new door. It will be fun trying to work and get things done
with out some of the tools I have brought as well as not having my
work clothes and only one pair of shoes. Maybe they will be work
clothes pretty soon.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love
God, to them who are called according to His purpose. I have been here
for two and a half excellent days. I am so thankful that my bags got
lost. You are thinking whatever you're just saying that Andrew, but
know really. Because my bags got lost the Lord saved me any where
from $50.00 - $150.00 because I would have been 120lbs over weight
flying from Maputo to here. Thank You Lord Jesus. I only had to go two
days with out my things then they sent my bags up here we went to the
airport Saturday at noon and they just gave me my bags and didn't
charge me anything. They were in a hurry and wanted to get to lunch.
Everything arrived in good condition except for my books of tea bags.
It broke open and there were tea bags all through my duffel bag and
some broke open. It could have been worse if the honey or shampoo had
broken open. All in all it has been a wonderful day. The Wilcoxs
were so happy to receive the things that came in my bags and I was so
happy to get my things. Also we had chicken for lunch, just in case
you didn't know that is a big deal here. It is quite expensive so
they only have it once and a while. I have eaten most meals with the
Wilcoxs so far but I am going to start making more of them down at my
house. I started tonight by making my own supper. I got here at
about dark and had to organize all my things and didn't feel like
doing to much work, so I just made some oatmeal that I brought and had
a banana. Well that is a start anyways. To top off the wonderful day
I was able to have a warm bucket bath tonight because we got some gas
and I can now heat water on the stove. Life just doesn't get better
then this folks.

I am continuing to work on the bathroom in Casa de Belleza, (House of
Beauty) this is the name they have given to the girl's orphanage. I
have finished bricking in the doorway where I removed a door and I
have started to install the door in a different place and prepare to
build a wall around it. It is so nice to have the tools I brought to
be able to work with.

On Monday or Tuesday my house mates Jesse and Tanya are supposed to be
returning from the states. It will be nice to have some others here
in the house with me. I think that about fills you in so far on what
has gone on here. I should sign off because my tea is gone and my
battery is almost dead. Oh just to let you know I have a working cell
phone here if anyone wants to call me, send me an email at and I will send it to you.

Oh just a quick up date on what the weather is like here. I rains at
least once a day usually early afternoon, but not to heavy. I am glad
I have inside work for the next month or two, by then the rains should
have stopped. During the day the temps would be high teens C and mid
sixties F at night. There I gave temps for those who know C and for
those who know F. Ok hopefully I can get this sent out on Sunday
afternoon with the Wilcox's internet connection via cell phone. Sorry
I can't upload pictures now.

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Bruce Woodford said...

Hi Andrew,

Great to hear that you arrived safely, and Praise the Lord for lost and delayed luggage that was delivered for no charge even though it was way overweight!!!

I thought you'd said you had a cell phone for use there but we didn't get the number before you left. Someone wanted to call you and we didn't have it. Could you email it please?

We'll be shariong your news with the folks in the house church who should be arriving shortly!

Lots of love, Dad