Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summertime Odds & Ends

Thought I'd post some pictures from the last month or so... a few things we've we've been up to other than working =)
Reedy River in downtown Greenville
We had a sweet evening together with my family at the end of May before Will and Sarah left to drive to Miami, pick up their Spanish visas, and fly to Spain!
Family pic
A few weekends ago, Andrew and I got to spend another weekend in the mountains with Laurel and Billy and their church!  They were having a church family retreat, and Andrew had been asked to play guitar for their bonfire time of singing, devotion, and sharing.  We got there Saturday afternoon in time to join the zipline fun and play some frisbee golf before supper!
So you climbed up the cargo net, and then transfer to the zip
cable for the ride down!  This is Billy and another man in the
church, but Andrew and I did it together too =)

Billy waving hello
A group of us played some frisbee golf... and
unfortunately had several close and closer
than close encounters with water!
There was a rope hanging from this tree so...
someone simply can't pass up these opportunities =)
My parents have been on a trip for the last few weeks, and I volunteered to "babysit" my mom's sourdough bread starter... i.e. feed it every 5-7 days, etc.  So thought I'd give making her bread a whirl too and was Thrilled it turned out Great!!!  Will be making some more this weekend! 
One evening last week Allene asked if we wanted to join them for supper at their neighborhood pool.  Storms kept us at the house for supper, but it cleared off and we still got to go swimming...
Marshall all ready to get in!
Sadie too!
And this week I made an ice cream cake for Canada day =)  Super easy when you use ice cream sandwiches and Cool Whip!
work in progress...
Happy Canada Day!
My Canadian and his ice cream cake =)

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