Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where to Begin

Wow so much has happened since I last posted here. Sorry it has taken me so long. It has been a very busy couple of months.

My girlfriend Bethany and her two brothers David and Will arrived on June 2nd. I had a few small projects to finish before they arrived, this wash tub and clothes line being one. It is on the back of the Admin building for those who live there to have a place to do laundry. For the last few years we had only one tub for about 17 people to do their laundry in so it was very well used as you can imagine. This is the third wash tub that I built.

I had a not-so-pleasant experience of being in a motorcycle accident with a man on a bicycle in the first part of May. I praise the Lord that neither he nor I sustained any serious injuries from the accident. You can see the after picture of his bike below. I was able to buy the man a new bike and get things all sorted out with him and his family. I praise the Lord that it didn't have to go to court, which is the normal procedure for this kind of case.

There was much rejoicing on June 2nd when Bethany, David and Will arrived. It is always nice to have friends visit and of course extra special when my girlfriend visited. This was the first time for three people to live together in my round house. I enjoyed having David and Will stay with me and to get to know them better as inevitably happens when living in such close quarters.

I am so thankful Bethany got to come and see where I have been for the last couple years and what I have been doing here. I had hoped for quite a while that she would be able to come and it was a dream come true when she actually arrived. She was such a help for us as we were working she would often prepare meals and keep us supplied with drinks and also helped us with the work too. She loved the times she spent with Matilde, Aurora and Angelina, although it was hard for her not being able to speak their language. Her organizational skills were put to good use in my house, which needed some help :) She was always willing to help out in any area needed.

David and Will were such a help with the construction of another round house which will be part of the future visitors center.
Here they are pouring the footings.

Will has experience in plumbing so we gladly left that part up to him.

Will painting rebar which will be used for burglar restraint bars in the windows.

David drilling holes in the window frames for the bars.

Here I am going in circles around and around the house laying bricks.

A view of the inside of the house through a window.

It was hard to get work done having to pose for pictures. It wasn't that many really, but thanks Bethany for being our photographer and videographer. Well, thanks for most of the pictures anyways :)

To give you an idea of the lay out inside: three quarters of the house will be living/sleeping quarters for eight people. The last quarter is the bathroom. This pictures shows the bathroom lay out: shower stall, counter area, and then toilet stall.

Getting up there.

Will and I starting the roof framing.

Unfortunately we weren't able to get the house finished before we left, but this is what we did get done in two weeks.

We got to go to the lake twice during the time they were here. This picture is of one of the villages that we drive through on the way to the lake.

I have seen monkeys a few times while driving to the Lake but this time we saw about 20-30 of them. They were hard to get pictures of, but if you look closely you can see one in the tree.

People often have gardens that are quite far from their villages so they build these little huts by their gardens that they live in for about a week at a time.
Mud bricks made by hand drying in the sun. Most huts in the villages are made of these.
One of the bridges we cross on the way to the lake. That will make you pray.
David, myself, Bethany and Will sitting in a Baobab tree at the lake.
Me and you know who.

Have you ever seen a bundle of grass walking down the beach? Well we did:)

Those two people seemed to be together quite bit.

There is a hippo that lives there at the beach and he kept a good eye on us as we also did on him.

Most common way of transporting things in Mozambique. Now that's using their head for more then a hat rack.
Pictures don't do justice to sunsets, but here is a taste of one.
And another.

Bethany and I ready to go for an 80km ride out to visit some missionaries in a rural village.

Ok, so that kind of gets you caught up on my last couple of months in Mozambique. David and Will flew back to the states on June 16th, and Bethany and I flew back on the 22nd. I am now staying with Bethany's parents in South Carolina. I am planning on being here till the beginning of August. Bethany and I have been dating for a year and a half and we have spent relatively little time together during that time so this is a good opportunity for us to be involved a little more in each others "normal" lives. We would appreciate your prayers as we continue to seek the Lord's direction for us.

I do not currently have any plans to return to Mozambique. I am so thankful for the total of about two years that I had to serve in Mozambique, for the many things God taught me during that time, and the wonderful people I served along side. My desire is to continue to serve the Lord in overseas missions, but I am waiting on the Lord's direction as to where and when.

During my month and a half or so in Ontario, if you would like to get together and hear more of what God is doing in Mozambique and see more pictures, please let me know so that I can plan that into my time there. Lord willing I will be returning to SC in September.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support while in Mozambique. Please continue to pray for the work and those who continue to faithfully serve the Lord there.


The Woodfords said...

Hey, good to hear from you!! =) Glad all is well, and of course we are praying for you, and can't wait to see you in August!!

Lots of love from all of us Woodheads in MX

Mom said...

Yay, Andrew updated his blog - finally!!! JK

Good pictures Andrew and good job all of you!!! I didn't realize it was such a BIG round house that you were building!!!! So nice that you had so much help!!!

loved seeing the African scenery... home...

Heather said...

Congratulations on a job well done Andrew. Hoping all is going well in SC for you two.