Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Week to Go.

We have entered one of the busiest months of the year. How are you all doing? Some of you are probably trying to figure out what to buy for those people who seems to have everything, I am sure their are some of you who have your shopping finished and there are probably some of you like me who still have some to do. I just pray that during the business of this time of year that we can remember what this season of celebrations is all about. If this was your last Christmas season would there be anything you would do different?

This past week has been very nice for me. Last Monday evening the Wilcox family arrived and are staying in the same house as I am. It is so nice to have some others living with me. I don’t have to eat meals by myself anymore. It is just a blessing to have them here. They have been very busy since they arrived. Their main reason for coming to Beira was to take part in the conference that one of the churches here in Beira is putting on from Dec 9-13.

The Wilcox Family

We are very excited to see what God has in storing for us at the conference. They have rented a sports stadium because they are expecting about 2,000 people in attendance. There are people coming from all over Mozambique and from several other countries around the world.

My Portuguese lessons have continued to go quite well. I wrote my final test on Friday and I got 76%. I thought today would be my last lesson but when I went to class yesterday my teacher asked if we could finish the last couple of lessons after the conference because he is helping a lot with the administration of it and these days before the conference are very busy for him. It will be good for me to have a bit of a break and let my mind digest what I have learned.

Felix and I have continued to get together quite regularly through the week and have had a lot of time to sit a chat and he always has two or three questions we try to deal with each time. I am reminded over an over how we need to be like the Bereans who Paul spoke to. They had open ears to hear what he said then they would search the scriptures to see if what they were taught was true. I have not always done this in the past and I have baggage that I am having to get rid of because of it and so I am trying to teach Felix the importance of this as well. It is so easy to take what others say as truth with out going back to Truth(Jesus) to see if what we have heard lines up with what He has written. As I was writing this letter Felix stopped by and was just telling me that there are some issues with his work. Somethings are being pinned on him that are not his fault please pray for him, he has such a humble attitude about him in regards to this. It has been such a blessing to see his generosity. He just wants to serve others and not expecting anything for it, which is not common here. He has setup internet at our house for us just out of the goodness of his heart. I believe God has great things he wants to do in and through his life.

Yesterday the Lord brought me in contact with a friend of mine Mateo that I first met when I was here back in April. I was on the way up the stairs going up to my Portuguese lesson and there was Mateo. In this culture it is so important to stop and greet people that you know and not just wave and keep going. I didn’t have much time but we talked a little and exchanged phone numbers so that we could be in touch later in the day. I then found out that my lesson was canceled because my teacher is very busy, so I went out and I was looking around in different stories for a small gas double burner stove to take back to Lichinga. I was entering one store and there was Mateo, standing at the door in his long white Muslim robe. He is in his mid to late twenties. He teaches Islam to about 100 Indian children in a school here. All the students are on holidays now, but he still has to come to work and sign in in the morning but he doesn’t have anything to do so he just walks around town. I think it is so neat the contacts that God gives me here. I know there are many Muslims in Canada but I have never really spent much time with any but here is one that I am friends with by divine appointment.

Mateo is well studied in Islam he went to Kenya for six years and studied and learned Arabic which he speaks and reads and he also memorized a good portion of the Koran. Many of the shop owners in town are Muslims and he knows most of them and what they sell. He was able to help me find a stove for an excellent price after that we sat down and talked for about an hour. He is very open to here about other things that are different from Islam. I shared the gospel with him and he was very open to read verses and then explain to me what he understood their meanings to be. I am excited to see what God is doing in his life. Please pray for me for wisdom as I would still meet with him some more over the next week or so that I am here. I really don’t have experience in ministering to Muslims, I need wisdom in this area and I know the Lord can supply all I need. Just that I would be sensitive to him and not just speak what I feel I should say.

There are many Mormons here in Beira. They are easy enough to spot in there black pants, white shirt, black tie and name tag. I have had a little contact with some of them as well where I used the internet and I am seeking the Lord as to what my role is in regard to them.

Well it is hard to believe I am in my last week here in Beira. The time has been such a blessing, but I know the Lord has much more in store as I head for Lichinga some time the first part of next week. I would appreciate your prayers for the travel arrangements has I have a few options that I would know what would be the best and for safety in travel as well.


Mom said...

Hi Andrew, there is a part of your newsletter missing close to the end. It is here on your blog but not in the letter. It is the last line of the third last paragraph and the whole paragraph about Mormons. You also wrote but in one place where you meant bit. You can delete this if you like.

Praying for your travel plans and your contacts with these men. Love you...

The Woodford's said...

Hi Andrew! I'm just wondering how the Wilcox family are enjoying eating your pb & j sandwiches?!? =) Good to hear how you're doing, and how the Lord is working and directing your steps. Kyla continues to mention you every single time we pray, plus more, so you are frequently on our minds and in our prayers! Much love to you!
Steph n the rest