Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Grand Opening

Wednesday afternoon Chay and Norma, a couple here in Santiago had a fire in the back part of their house. I am not sure how it happened but I think some kids were playing with matches or something and burned their beds and a chair, no one was hurt. It also melted some wires on the ceiling. This couple has been coming out to gospel meetings and have been very interested. James and I heard about the fire on Thursday morning. We had planned to work on the burger trailer all day, but we have to allow God to interrupt our plans. They needed someone to come over and do something with their electrical problems.

We went to go and take a look at their house. It is a same two room house about 20' X 30'. The fire was in the back room. We were trying to look at the wires and see what happened but it was so dark we could hardly see. They found a flash light for us. There was a light socket on the wall but someone and done something with the wire at sometime and took out the switch that turned the light on so it wasn't working. So when they needed light they had this light socket with two bare wires that they would push into an extension cord when they needed light. It was a dangerous setup especially for their children. Some of you sent money with me to use specifically to help with some projects here. We had to buy some wire, light sockets and bulbs, Norma gave us a little money to help with some of the cost and then I payed for the rest with some of the money that was sent. We got everything all installed and with switches so no one has to handle bare wires any more. It took us all morning but Chay and Norma were just over joyed that we came and did this for them. That afternoon we put the first coat of paint on the floor of the trailer and put the tin roof on.

The boys all sitting on one of our planks, just enjoying them selves playing with their sticks

Natalia was just having a great time laying in the grass, then Nelly went and picked here up and realized that she had burrs all over here self and they were quite sharp to but they didn't seem to bother her too much.

The new burger trailer had it's Grand Opening last night.

Here's Paco is doing a fine job cooking my burger.

Chay and Pavi are preparing burgers. Chay has the tongs ion the pickles and Pavi has the mustard.

This is Pepe and last night he was in charge of clearing tables. Pepe and Pavi are brothers, Paco is Pavi's brother in law and Chay is Pavi's cousin. They kind of have a family business going here.

This next week now we will be working on the stand that James made a couple of years ago that Pavi has been using up until now. It needs some remodeling we got it all pulled apart yesterday and we are going to do it up much the same as the other trailer. It will make it much easier to keep clean and will stand up to the weather better.

My time is almost half gone, I have been here for one month less three days.

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