Friday, August 29, 2008

My Last Day of Work.

I haven't shown you any pictures of what we have been working on lately. We have had this house in the process for a few months. We haven't done much of the work ourselves it has been mostly contracted out, but we have put a few hours in here and there. It is almost done so if any of you are looking for a quality built house in Woodstock let us know and we can get you moved in by the end of next month if you want. We are just waiting on the carpet for the basement, there is hardwood all through out the main floor except for the bathrooms and kitchen which are tile. and the painter has to do a few touch ups and that's about all.

Building the deck is usually my job so here are a couple pictures of it in the making.

The stairs and railing are going to have to wait till I get back from Mexico. Hopefully no one falls off and hurts them self before then. It looks really small in the picture but it is 15' by 12' which is a good size.

John likes to do a nice job with the kitchen and bathrooms so here are a couple shots of them. Note the granite counter top, Oh no expense was spared here folks this is the house for you come on down get it before someone else does.

This is the shower in the en suite. (Hey I think I got this spelled right this time. Many people got a good laugh last time I was talking about an en suite bathroom and I spelled it on sweet. It worked for me.) Here Dan my bosses son is showing the proper stance before turning on the body jets.

This house here has been our project for the last few days. These people had the brick taken off the front of there house and put on this nice porch and roof and then had us install this Algonquin Stone. This was the last project my boss wanted to get finished before I leave. We really like this stone and it makes you think a little more while you lay it then laying bricks.

Last night Mark and Rebekah had us all over to their place last night after the tent meeting in St. Thomas. It was the last time for us to be to get with just our family. We had a great time and Mark bake some chocolate brownies and we had them with ice cream.

Today was my last day at work, well I actually only went in for two hours. Now my vacation starts. Well that is what some people jokingly say. I think they are joking? I will be taking about one month off work. I will driving down to Mexico with Tim and Steph, their three girls and Steph's parents Gary and Bonnie and then spend a few weeks there with them. Lord willing we will leave Monday morning and arrive in Hermosillo, Mexico some time Friday evening.

Shaelyn, Tim, Mika, Steph and Kyla.

Oh ya I still need to pack. I cannot break my tradition of packing the night before. You know why I do that? It makes my luggage lighter because of all the things I forget. Well this might not be quite true, I haven't forgotten anything major for a few trips now. I had better not say that too loud or you know what will happen.

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